A New Year, A New Forum!

by ClearanceCharms

Hello My Lovelies!

Welcome to Oh So Charming, the new daily blog site for Clearance Charms!
For those of you who have already made us part of your life, thank you and welcome back!  This site is for you – our wonderful, amazing and appreciative customers.  We love your comments, calls & emails and wanted to let you know how grateful we are to be part of your lives!  We also want to share the experience of daily life here at Clearance Charms and provide insights to the products you all love and cherish.  This is your space to discuss, learn and revel in the beauty of Clearance Charms.

A charm bracelet means a lot of things.  For some, it is a reminder.  We can reminisce on exciting life milestones, remember a lost loved one or a favorite vacation.

For others, it’s a jubilant declaration of self-style.  Pink, Aqua… Silver, Gold… Sparkle, matte… it’s all a declaration of individuality.

For others still, charms are the perfect accessory to compliment any ensemble.  Dressed down for daily wear, a charm bracelet adds color to a wardrobe of suiting.  Accessorized for evening, your bracelet brings the perfect touch of glamour to any evening.

Yet every bracelet we send has something in common, they are all deeply personal.  That’s the beauty of our designs.  It’s yours, no one else’s.  With that in mind, we look forward to sharing our inside scoop and behind-the-scenes details and hope you will too!  We absolutely adore customer submissions, photos, and comments!  Tell us what you think, and don’t forget to share your designs!

On this blog you’ll find weekly features such as;

  • How To’s
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • One Lovely Thing – A Daily Product Post
  • Inspiration Boards
  • Glamorous Giveaways
  • Design of the Week
  • Customer of the Month

We can’t wait to get started and know all of you just a little bit better!!  Here’s to 2011 being full of beauty, whimsy and style!


Clearance Charms



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