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February 28, 2011

I’m in ♥ with cherry blossoms…

by ClearanceCharms

Spring has definitely sprung in Vero Beach.  I’ve always been a sucker for Cherry Blossom trees; but lately every way you look, you’re greeted by these gorgeous, romantic and simply delightful blooms.  With such a beautiful scene in every direction, you simply can’t help but be cheerful. 


With that cheeriness in mind,

please enjoy $5 off your order

of thirty dollars or more

with promotion code BLOSSOM11.




February 28, 2011

Sneak a Peak

by ClearanceCharms

Happy Monday, My Lovelies!


This Monday finds the Clearance Charms team a little groggy but bursting at the seems with excitement for the month to come.  Technically, the new month starts tomorrow but for us, today is the beginning to what is sure to be a whirlwind of four weeks.  We have major consecutive design expos starting tomorrow, improvements to the new office continue as planned & several top-secret projects are developing  simultaneously. 

Good thing we’re more than up for a challenge!  In the meantime, I think you’ve earned a hint about at least one of our new projects. You have been good little girls and boys after all.  ; )

So some of the girls loaned me their most prized possession to give you your hint…

Any guesses? 

PS I think we deserve an Apple sponsorship, don’t you?


As a bonus, here’s a sneak peak at our new location just because you’re all so darn cute:

February 24, 2011

One Charming Thing: Large Freshwater Pearl in Slate

by ClearanceCharms

If you want to feel like a school-teacher, grab a pair of wide rimmed glasses.

If you want to feel like a mermaid, wear pearls.


It is with your inner water goddess in mind that I present today’s One Charming Thing…

Freshwater Pearl Large Irredescent Slate


February 23, 2011

A Color Story

by ClearanceCharms

Working in such a creative environment, it should come as no surprise that I’m one to experiment with color. On any given Sunday you can find me in a pair of fantastic fuschia stockings, head-to-toe aqua on Tuesday, St Patrick would be proud on Thursday, and radiant red is reserved for romance on Saturday.  After all, what’s life, if not colorful?  All in moderation, of course.

So imagine my shock when today I woke up craving neutrals. I wanted nothing more than a pair of beige sandals, a dark navy dress & simple hair. Go figure! Lucky for me, charms can also be the most perfectly understated accessory when duty calls.

In a mood for simplicity, I am trading in my pink & aqua Clearance Charms bracelets for something a little more modest. But fear not beloved colors, I’m sure I won’t be gone long.

Today I think I’ll try something that goes a little like this…


February 16, 2011

Wish List Wednesday: Frosted Glass Murano Charms

by ClearanceCharms

Introducing Clearance Charms’ newest collection, the Frosted Glass Murano Charms.
These gorgeous charms are so stunning and different they’ll add an instant dimension of gorgeous to your design. They are too fabulous to pick just one color so today I present to you the full line. Enjoy!

Shop Now

February 15, 2011

When you need a pick-me-up

by ClearanceCharms

If any of you are like me, sometimes throughout the day you need a pick me up. Just a teensy little break from what you’re doing can work wonders for productivity, mood, and energy.

 When you feel your energy levels drop, grab an apple!  A little natural sugar never hurt anyone plus the refreshing crispness instantly perks you up – trust me!

When you notice that the baby banging in her toy cupboard is giving you a bit of a headache, play your most favorite calming song.  My songs rotate, but right now relaxing for me means Kenny Chesney/Dave Matthews “I’m Alive.”  Golly, that’s a peaceful song.  Conversely, when my desk is looking a little grey-er than normal I set my music genome station to “Let’s Hear it for the Boys” by Denise Williams. Singing as off-key and high-pitched as I possibly can always has this funny sparkling effect on my mood.  I have a playlist for every mood.  Do you have any fantastic stations we should try?

When your To-Do List is all-consuming and overwhelms you, rewrite it in an amazingly fresh color.  I use Uni-bal vision in pink or aqua.  It instantly makes your list look so much more manageable and fun, seriously.

And if it’s a really topsy turvy the world is going to end day, I can’t myself lucky that I have YOU to be my pick-me-up.  Today is one of those such days when chaos seems to be the theme of the hour.  Then in comes this lovely email from Christine C;

Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job you all are doing. Can’t compare you to any other site for quality and price, and your pieces are sterling silver . Not all are created the same, believe me I have researched them all. I have told so many people about your web site, and if they are smart they will shop here . See you soon for more great pieces. Almost forgot your shipping was fast, bravo !!!


And wonderfully enough, all is right in the world again.  Thanks, Christine, for reminding me why we’re here!  Every little hiccup that I find a way to get through just means that we get to provide service to you without a glitch.  Can’t thank you enough for reminding me of that!


February 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes: On Lindsey’s Desk

by ClearanceCharms

Welcome Behind the Scenes at Clearance Charms! 

This week, we invite you to explore the desk of our Director of Operations, Lindsey.  She works tirelessly to maintain the website’s ease of use, keep order fulfillment flowing efficiently and to make constant forward movement for Clearance Charms.  With a hectic schedule and a To-Do list a mile long, she finds creature comforts in a variety of simple things….


Breakfast anyone? The Strawberry Cheescake Bites from Whole Foods are TO DIE




Her To-Do board is an eclectic mix of Santa post-it’s, a manatee doodle, wedding annoucements & focus lists


She finds that a serene office always leads to elevated work.


Inspiration comes from many places! Currently on her desk you’ll find Elle magazine, the Saks Fifth Avenue Jimmy Choo lookbook (gorgeous!), and Delivering Happiness – the story from Zappos‘ founder Tony Hsieh



Candy feeds the soul : )

 Her trusty iPhone is always seconds away to snap pictures of new designs & stay in contact with everyone in our universe.

February 14, 2011

Love is in the Air ♥

by ClearanceCharms

Happy Valentine’s, Pretty Ladies!

We hope you had a wildly romantic Valentine’s weekend and a blissful evening. I know you’re all wearing your most inspiring pink and red charms today, did you manage to sneak some romance into your wardrobe as well? If you’re not bold enough for a full fuschia frock, try to incorporate a pair of luxe red or blush pink tights. Glittering baubles also do the trick quite nicely. I swear, you’ll feel like the goddess you’re meant to in mere moments! If you are wearing something inspired by the holiday, snap a picture and send it our way!

Sending you all our love and affection from our home to yours, we wish you all a lovely, luxurious and romantic Valentine’s Day!

1. Swans in love. 2. Every woman’s shape is worshipped in this delicious number from the DVF Fall 2011 Ready-to-wear collection.  3.  Clearance Charms Pretty in Pink DB106 Completed Designer Bracelet. 4. Love is in the air, can you feel it? 5.  Red rights & black modcloth skirt via  6.  It’s so true, all you need is love.

February 10, 2011

A Thursday Afternoon

by ClearanceCharms

This Thursday afternoon leaves us delighted that so many of you are taking advantage of our expedited shipping options!  So many in fact that we just had to run down our UPS driver to get more packing supplies.  It’s so nice to know that our charms & jewelry will add some extra glamour to your life!

On a fuzzy winter day in Vero Beach Florida, your Clearance Charms staff find ourselves dreaming up glamorous frocks, glittering shoes, exotic getaways and of course shimmering charms….




1. A trip to Matria Point in Bora Bora [ via ] sounds like a lifetime away but sure leaves us feeling warm & glowy inside.

2. Hermes bold and beautifully printed silk scarves never fail to lend inspiration with a from the 2010 Life is a Tale campaign.

3. Old New York glamour, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Dior Ballgown, 1950, NY.

4. From office to evening, Clearance Charms’ DB124 Midnight Tryst, delights all day long.

5. Midnight Tryst would look gorgeous with these glistening Pigalili Christian Louboutins dont you think?  There are no words.

6.  A stunning Mongolian setting from Hermes, sets the glamour bar high and greets your NewDreamz Director of Operations daily as this is one of her favorite editorial campaign image.

February 10, 2011

Last Chance for Love

by ClearanceCharms

There’s still time for Valentine’s Day Delivery! 

Order today by 2pm and choose Priority Shipping for free expedited delivery!You can also order up until tomorrow by 2pm with Express Shipping!

Enjoy a sweet treat from Clearance Charms and take an additional $5 off with promo code KISSES2011 at checkout.

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