Introducing: How To: Switch Designs Quickly

by ClearanceCharms

Welcome behind the scenes with the master designers at Clearance Charms! We’re soooo excited to share our knowledge, tips and tricks with you! If you ever have a question that you can’t quite find the answer to, just ask! We’ll feature it here for you and you can help inspire your fellow charm lovers! Keep an eye out for instructional videos, step by step photos, links and style help!

This week we’ll start with something simple…

How To: Store Your Charms


We have heaps of clients who like to switch out the charms on their bracelet.  They only wear one bracelet at a time but have extras that just won’t fit all together.  It seems that a lot of you have multiple completed designs that you swap with the seasons, mood or your outfit!  If you’re not wearing them at the same time, you certainly don’t need multiple bracelets for your multiple collections (of course you may be like me and have 5 designs in your jewelry box ready to go – I also like to stack my bracelets and wear 2 or 3 at a time!).

You also don’t want your charms to get damaged while they await their turn in the spotlight and most likely want to remember the order that looks the most fabulous.  I for one have to line my charms up in order or I forget instantly the design that took me hours to create.  But alas, there is a solution!  And a simple one at that!

We suggest stringing your charms in the exact order that you like them on your wrist on a satin ribbon, we love Nashville Wraps 3/8″ Single Faced Satin Ribbon in Aqua.  Simply string your charms in order along the ribbon, tie a bow at the end and store the completed design in a lined jewelry box (or one of our gift boxes!) until you’re ready to switch your look again.  Just be sure that the ribbon you choose doesn’t have any abrasive materials (wire edging, etc)  that can damage your charms, which is why we suggest super soft satin.

When you want to switch designs, you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice!  Switch your current design onto a satin ribbon in the exact same fashion and let him have a little nap while you dazzle in your swapped out design ; )

Enjoy lovelies!


One Comment to “Introducing: How To: Switch Designs Quickly”

  1. Protect your stored single charms by placing them on a pipecleaner . Always return your precious bracelet to a seperate jewelry box app. 10 by 3 inches. When traveling by air or cruising, store your fab bracelet safely in your pocketbook in this box. NY Lady.

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