A Romantic Notion

by ClearanceCharms

What does February mean to you?

For us, romance reigns this  month.  Spring is just around the corner, Valentine’s Day tidings greet you every where you go and the fashion shows are so close you can taste them.  But for us, it’s so much more than a holiday to declare love.  February brings a sense of whimsy, a romantic lightness that should be passed from person to person.

I know, I know… it’s snowmageddon 2011.  But soon, the snow will melt, and I hope your heart will follow.  It’s a time to absolutely marvel in life.  To revel in kindness, in love, in hope, in the future.  Attached or single, this is a time for every person to get out of that winter rut and remember to SMILE y’all.  Life is good, enjoy it.

You don’t have to buy flowers or eat chocolate – that doesn’t spell romance or style.  Instead, pick an aspect of your personal style and evolve it even further.

Want to feel like a beautiful, powerful, chic woman this Valentine’s Day?  Pick one of the absolutely break taking fairy tale designs from Ellie Saab and wait for the jaws to drop.

Need a daily reminder that you are glamorous? Switch out that old light fixture for a dazzling crystal chandelier and illuminate your life with happiness.


Does your love life need some pepper after all these years?  Remember that every moment with him or her is one to cherish.  Don’t look at a cold winter’s day as dreary and miserable, delight in your partner’s company and embrace the chance to warm each other up!


Skin a little peekish?  Treat yourself!  A nice facial is right up your alley and well deserved, don’t forget that you’re allowed to be pampered every now and then!


I know winter can be dreadful. It’s freezing, your car is piled in a mountain of ice and snow, heck even your hair and skin are lack luster. But now is the time to remember that you are an important part of this world and your mood and attitude can spread far beyond your own home. Smile at your Starbucks barista, hold the door for a weary traveler, don’t fret when your dry cleaning is a day late. It’s about time we all find a way to get ourselves into a positive place and live happier.


Credit: Elie Saab, Crystal Chandelier via {thisisglamorous}, photobucket.com,  The Salon Niki at Regency Hyatt

One Comment to “A Romantic Notion”

  1. Love the black and white joint with the red umbrella.

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