Question of the Week: Determing Your Bracelet Size

by ClearanceCharms

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The first Question of the Week should really be Question of the Year we receive it so often. Let the fun begin!


I have a question about the bracelet sizing. Is the size number the length of the chain in inches? How can I determine the correct size I need?
Thanks, Ashley

Thanks to Ashley and everyone else for this fantastic question! Measuring your wrist for a bracelet is a little bit confusing but with the proper technique you can get it right every time! Here’s some important tips to finding the best measurement.

Some starting points:

All of our bracelets and necklaces are sized in inches. Please remember this as some other companies use different measurements so our size 8 does not equal the same thing as their size 8.

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest adding at least 1 inch to the size of your wrist measurement for your bracelet. This does not apply in every single situation as the size of charms vary and how many you want on your bracelet (full, half full, only 2 charms?) makes a big difference. Plus, some people like their bracelet tight like a watch, others like a little give and roll.

Let’s use me for a Step by Step guide of how to measure…

(please excuse the sadly unpolished nails, so is the life of a workaholic)

Step 1: Use a ribbon, string or shoelace to measure your wrist. Wrap it snugly but without squishing your skin around your wrist in the place where you prefer your bracelet to sit. Try your hardest to make sure that the string/ribbon/etc is straight and lays flat. Pinch the ribbon where it meets the other end. Lay it directly against a ruler or make a mark as I have done. Notice my wrist measures just under 6 inches. Please note a size 6 bracelet will NOT fit on my wrist with or without charms. Size 6 1/4 would just barely fit.

1. Close up me measuring my own wrist, but notice that the ribbon is slanted, make sure yours doesn’t look like this and is nice and straight.
2. Measuring properly with a straight ribbon.

Step 2: Determine how many charms you want your design to include. Here are a few examples of various sizes with various amounts of charms. The first two photos below show me sporting a new design Love in Bloom which has 13 charms and 2 spacers in size 7. I can fit the width of my index finger in the space between bracelet and wrist and have about an inch of room on the bracelet for more charms. The bracelet rolls on my wrist when I move.

These next photos show the same size 7 bracelet with 6 more charms added: 3 glass, one large silver charm with CZ and 1 faceted crystal, 1 stopper for a total of 21 charms (including 3 skinny spacers). The bracelet now fits very snugly on my wrist like a watch and does not move at all. I had to have assistance closing it. I would not neccessarily be uncomfortable with the bracelet this tight throughout the day but about ¼ inch extra would be preferred.


Step 3: From these calculations, for a full bracelet with 20-25 charms select a size at least one inch larger than your wrist measurement. If you want a little wiggle room, go for 1 ¼” bigger. If you want the have room to expand your design or have more than 25 charms, order up even more all the way to 2 inches extra if you like your bracelet to slide a bit on your wrist.

I have an aqua design with 23 of my favorite charms set on an 8″ silver bracelet (TWO inches bigger than my wrist measurement) and it still look beautiful. This bracelet does slide on my wrist a bit but doesn’t look overly large and has room for about one more glass charm. You’ll notice that the charms on this design are on the rather chubby side.

I personally like my bracelet to have some movement on my wrist as it makes it easier for me to type comfortably. If you’re not glued to a computer like some of us at Clearance Charms, the watch band sizing might be right for you. It’s all a matter of preference. I hope you’ve found this little instruction guide illuminating and have a better idea of what size to order! Don’t forget to add that stopper to the end so when you’re taking your design on and off you don’t lose your charms!

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As always, sending you lots of love from Vero Beach!



13 Comments to “Question of the Week: Determing Your Bracelet Size”

  1. How do I clean my bracelet? Since the bracelet itself is sterling silver as are some of the charms are also, What’s the best way?

  2. I use jewelry wipes. A dry disposable wipeused to polish gold and/ or silver jewelry. They can be found with the liquid jewelry cleaner

  3. I would like to know if it’s the same thing as Pendora please.

    Thank you

    • Hi Caroline! Thanks for the inquiry. We are comparable and compatible with Pandora as well as Chamilia, Troll and Biagi. Our charms will slide right on to your Pandora bracelet. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do to help!

  4. I was given a “Bella Beads” starter bracelet; will your charms fit this bracelet? Thank you; your charms are beautiful,

    • Thank you, Barbara! We haven’t had the pleasure of comparing our charms to Bella Beads but as a general rule of thumb, if your bracelet is compatible with Pandora/Chamilia/Troll or Biagi, it is also compatible with NewDreamz! I hope this helps!

  5. Do the leather ones wrap around twice? and how do I size for them, just follow the steps above and double it?

    • Hi Brittany! We have two types of leather bracelets. Our standard leather bracelet fits the same way our silver ones do and does not wrap around twice, so you would measure just like the steps say. That bracelet is pictured here:

      Our other leather option is a lariat. The lariats can be wrapped around your wrist twice or worn in many different configurations as a necklace. A picture is below in a necklace style. The lariats only come in one size so no need to measure!

  6. I am just wondering if they beads screw on and do not move like the real pandora ones?
    thank you

    • Thank you for your questions. Our charms are designed to slide onto the tip of your bracelet. They are not threaded so they are compatible with more bracelet designs and are easier to swap out! Enjoy!

  7. I just received my bracelets and charms! I am excited to put together but “How do I open to put on charms”? I am New to this typy of bracelet!

    Thanks for yur help!

    Nancy Ann

    • Hello Nancy Ann!
      Thank you so much for your question! The bracelet has a ball clasp that opens up like a clam shell. There is a little slit in the clasp that you can either gently pry your fingernail or the edge of something (I use a credit card) into the slit and apply pressure. The clasp will snap open. You’ll then notice that there is an “open” end and the “closed” end is the side your clasp is attached too. Then you can add your charms and snap the clasp back onto the open end! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need any more help, or call us at (800) 409-1772 and we’ll walk you through it!!

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