A Thursday Afternoon

by ClearanceCharms

This Thursday afternoon leaves us delighted that so many of you are taking advantage of our expedited shipping options!  So many in fact that we just had to run down our UPS driver to get more packing supplies.  It’s so nice to know that our charms & jewelry will add some extra glamour to your life!

On a fuzzy winter day in Vero Beach Florida, your Clearance Charms staff find ourselves dreaming up glamorous frocks, glittering shoes, exotic getaways and of course shimmering charms….




1. A trip to Matria Point in Bora Bora [ via citypictures.org ] sounds like a lifetime away but sure leaves us feeling warm & glowy inside.

2. Hermes bold and beautifully printed silk scarves never fail to lend inspiration with a from the 2010 Life is a Tale campaign.

3. Old New York glamour, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Dior Ballgown, 1950, NY.

4. From office to evening, Clearance Charms’ DB124 Midnight Tryst, delights all day long.

5. Midnight Tryst would look gorgeous with these glistening Pigalili Christian Louboutins dont you think?  There are no words.

6.  A stunning Mongolian setting from Hermes, sets the glamour bar high and greets your NewDreamz Director of Operations daily as this is one of her favorite editorial campaign image.

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