Behind the Scenes: On Lindsey’s Desk

by ClearanceCharms

Welcome Behind the Scenes at Clearance Charms! 

This week, we invite you to explore the desk of our Director of Operations, Lindsey.  She works tirelessly to maintain the website’s ease of use, keep order fulfillment flowing efficiently and to make constant forward movement for Clearance Charms.  With a hectic schedule and a To-Do list a mile long, she finds creature comforts in a variety of simple things….


Breakfast anyone? The Strawberry Cheescake Bites from Whole Foods are TO DIE




Her To-Do board is an eclectic mix of Santa post-it’s, a manatee doodle, wedding annoucements & focus lists


She finds that a serene office always leads to elevated work.


Inspiration comes from many places! Currently on her desk you’ll find Elle magazine, the Saks Fifth Avenue Jimmy Choo lookbook (gorgeous!), and Delivering Happiness – the story from Zappos‘ founder Tony Hsieh



Candy feeds the soul : )

 Her trusty iPhone is always seconds away to snap pictures of new designs & stay in contact with everyone in our universe.


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