A Color Story

by ClearanceCharms

Working in such a creative environment, it should come as no surprise that I’m one to experiment with color. On any given Sunday you can find me in a pair of fantastic fuschia stockings, head-to-toe aqua on Tuesday, St Patrick would be proud on Thursday, and radiant red is reserved for romance on Saturday.  After all, what’s life, if not colorful?  All in moderation, of course.

So imagine my shock when today I woke up craving neutrals. I wanted nothing more than a pair of beige sandals, a dark navy dress & simple hair. Go figure! Lucky for me, charms can also be the most perfectly understated accessory when duty calls.

In a mood for simplicity, I am trading in my pink & aqua Clearance Charms bracelets for something a little more modest. But fear not beloved colors, I’m sure I won’t be gone long.

Today I think I’ll try something that goes a little like this…



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