Sneak a Peak

by ClearanceCharms

Happy Monday, My Lovelies!


This Monday finds the Clearance Charms team a little groggy but bursting at the seems with excitement for the month to come.  Technically, the new month starts tomorrow but for us, today is the beginning to what is sure to be a whirlwind of four weeks.  We have major consecutive design expos starting tomorrow, improvements to the new office continue as planned & several top-secret projects are developing  simultaneously. 

Good thing we’re more than up for a challenge!  In the meantime, I think you’ve earned a hint about at least one of our new projects. You have been good little girls and boys after all.  ; )

So some of the girls loaned me their most prized possession to give you your hint…

Any guesses? 

PS I think we deserve an Apple sponsorship, don’t you?


As a bonus, here’s a sneak peak at our new location just because you’re all so darn cute:


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