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March 31, 2011

Ready for Easter at Clearance Charms!

by ClearanceCharms

Here at Clearance Charms we all share a common love for Spring; the warmer weather, freshly bloomed flowers, and brightly colored cotton dresses. I must admit though, there is one thing that stands above the rest, Easter candy!

As we eagerly anticipate the Easter holiday, we have the delicious candy to keep us company. Nothing is better than a caramel filled egg or a marshmallow chick, and we are never lacking on candy at the office to keep us plump and happy. A current favorite amongst the staff are Cadbury mini easter eggs. The malted chocolate eggs are so addictive we have to hide the bag sometimes!

The candy only comes around once a year so we feel the need to indulge before the holiday is over and we can no longer get our Easter candy fix. There are only 24 more days until Easter so forget about those diets, or thoughts that you dont need any; of course you do! Remember, it’s the little things in life. So while you indulge in chocolatey goodness, check out the new ‘Easter’ section on Clearance Charms for your Easter beads and charms fix! I leave you with a quote that seems far too true.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” -Charles Schultz

Bon appetit!

Click here to browse our Easter Collection

Easter candy at the office!

Credit:  1.Clearance Charms, 2. Kate Spade New York, 3. Chocolate indulgence

March 31, 2011

Run, Run!

by ClearanceCharms

This Saturday’s Cooper River Bridge Run is a big deal to Charlestonians. A 10k foot race starting in historic Mount Pleasant ( previous home to Clearance Charms!), crossing the famed suspension Ravenel Bridge and ending in gorgeous downtown Charleston – it’s a spectacle to witness!

The bridge itself is 2.5 miles long and 200 feet high.  The incline is a moderate 4% slope so our runners won’t get too wiped out!  The Ravenel Bridge offers a dramatic backdrop for glowing orange skies illuminated by the sunset and a soaring peak reaching through the clouds in mist.  Bridge traffic of course is shut down during the event but a gracias sidewalk is open daily for runners and walkers.  If you come to Charleston, be sure to take a trip to the top and see the city and harbor sparkle beneath your feet.

One of the NewDreamz team members, our resident marathoner Miss Niki, is participating this Saturday.  Working overtime all week, we’re all wishing her sweet dreams Friday night for a speedy morning run.  She sets a wonderful team example as she finds solace and peace in running – something we can all hope to achieve in every day life.

As a spectactor, one rarely takes notice of all the preparation that goes into an event like this.  For weeks now, the streets along the route have been abuzz with activity.  Restrooms have been trucked in, flowers and plants spruced and cleaned to their prettiest.  Not to mention the fencing, tents, signs, banners and booths that have been set up along the way.  A great deal of effort goes in to every city event around the country and I must say it’s awfully refreshing to see the excitement in city workers’ and volunteers’ faces as they dutifully prepare for the big day.  It seems to me that they know that their combined efforts allow for a wonderfully fun day.

Anyone who wants to make life more fun is OK in my book.

To learn about the Bridge Run, visit their site here.


March 25, 2011

Fall in Love Friday: M is for March

by ClearanceCharms

Our recently redesigned Alphabet Collection is rather fabulous.  Highly polished silver allows for sophistication and elegance while providing the utmost personalization.

M is for March

…and Merriment
….. and Magnificent
….. and Mysterious ; )

The Letter M


March 24, 2011

Moving Day!!

by ClearanceCharms

Moving Day is finally here for Clearance Charms!

Sure, it may be two weeks later than anticipated but good things come to those who wait!  As we gear up to drive the staggering (ha) 3.91 miles to our glittering new headquarters, one can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come.  In just one year at our current far-to0-cramped Southern offices, we’ve shipped over 50,000 orders, had millions of visitors to, doubled our staff, flexed our social networking skills (hello Oh So Charming!) and really defined our corporate culture.

We have wonderful, enthusiastic customers who have truly shaped the way we think about service and shipping.  With our darling client family in mind, your Clearance Charms staff is hand-picked for perfection.  Every one of us is dedicated to your happiness.  We won’t rest if your order isn’t out the door in 24 hours and we will gladly talk you through the bracelet-building process.  It’s simple; we adore you.  I don’t think any other company has followers/fans/customers as cute as ours.  You’re all so incredibly sweet and happy, it’s very refreshing.  And it makes us strive to impress you.

From our new office, we will continue to do just that.  It’s not just a shiney new building for me, it’s a dazzling opportunity to pursue new possibilities and perfect our methods.  We are eager to share the benefits with you, the people who make it all possible.  I hope you love 710 Johnnie Dodds as much as we do.  Slumber party, anyone?  I’ll bring the popcorn!

PS Don’t worry, our resident office dog is coming along for the journey too!

March 22, 2011

One Charming Thing: Gold Stopper Luminous

by ClearanceCharms

In One Charming Thing, we regularly feature some of our top-selling charms.  These items tend to be a bit on the flashy or outstanding side.  They’re total show stoppers.  With that in mind, today’s featured charm isn’t your typical of this category.  He is much more utilitarian in nature, but perhaps one of the most important types of charms we sell.

We strongly recommend that you always use a Stopper (a la today’s Charming Thing) at the end of your bracelet to protect your charms from sliding off when you change or if your clasp inadvertently comes undone.

Our stoppers come in a variety of designs and colors, in solid .925 silver and 24k gold.  They each feature a silicone insert in their core that is a teeny bit tricky to get on over the tip of your Clearance Charms bracelet but will stay in place once on because the core fits so snugly. They can be used to separate sections, keep charms in the center of your bracelet or to keep them on when changing as I mentioned.  In any use, they’re an elegant edition to your bracelet that are as beautiful as they are effective.

You can view our entire collection of Stoppers by clicking the link here or you can visit and select the Stoppers section under Sterling Silver Charms.

Gold Luminous Stopper


March 19, 2011

It’s wedding day in California!

by ClearanceCharms

Out here on the beach it’s been a whirlwind few days! Our bride is in hair and makeup as I type and it’s eerily calm at the moment. Champagne, anyone?

The gorgeous maids and handsome groomsmen behaved well at rehearsal, dinner hosted by the groom’s parents and even into the after party. Last night’s guests were a stunning display of elegance and relaxed California sophistication. With family joining the happy couple from all over the world, the vibe was electric.

The Hotel Maya is the perfect venue choice for a stunning waterfront setting. Every way I wander there are hidden alcoves draped in chandeliers with exquisite hand carved and exotic cabanas. Its truly spectacular.

Today the maids are relaxing with hair and make-up pros. Each girl’s look is individual, soft and glamorous. And oh gosh, I can’t say enough about the bride! The hair. The makeup. The lashes. The body. The gown! She’s the quintessential exotic natural beauty and today her glow is even more radiant.

Soon we’re off for photos & more champagne!! Toasting to the happiest day and a lifetime marriage for two people so meant for each other it’s inspiring. Fairytales do come true my lovelies.


Ps here are some mobile uploads from the events!






March 18, 2011

Wedding Season

by ClearanceCharms

It’s officially my first wedding of the season.  I’m off to California today for the nuptuals of a very dear friend.  Luckily, she has been kind enough to choose gorgeous shimmering light blue number for us bridesmaids.  And thankfully, it will pair just perfectly with one of my favorite personal designs from Clearance Charms in light blue and sparkling silver.

Like many women I know, I adore weddings.  It’s not for the glitz and glamour (although I’m crossing my fingers for just a little glitz), but for me it’s all about the romance.  I think we can all admit that it’s a wonderful feeling to be in love and it’s even more special to celebrate two people committing a lifetime together.  And after all, there is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day.

In a busy, cynical and often trying world – there is some magic in a love so strong you want to declare it in front of your friends and family.  I’m wishing my friend and the many brides who will wed this season a lifetime of happiness, kisses and a touch of glamour with their perfect someone.

PS I’ll be sure to post some mid-wedding glamour updates on Twitter and Facebook.  Don’t forget to follow us there as well!

Credit: 1. WTOO by Watters Bridesmaid Dress. 2. Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA, the wedding site.  3. Gown by Oscar de la Renta.  4. Gorgeous pink bouquet.  5.  More perfect pink bouquets.  6. Chandeliers by Colin Cowie.

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

by ClearanceCharms

Gosh I love spring!  Holidays galore!

The life and myths of St Patrick are particularly intriguing to a whimsical lady such as myself.  One such myth claims that the good saint charmed all the snakes in Ireland and led them to the sea to drown.  Another such story depicts Saint Patrick using the three-leafed shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to unbelievers.  Whether or not you believe fanciful myths, or even if you share the same faith – there are lessons that can be learned from this man’s life.

The patron saint was enslaved as a teen, later to escape to his freedom and lead the life we can now call noble.  Yet he was constantly worried about further hardship.  He said, “Daily I expect either murder, robbery, or enslavement.”   He escaped from 12 attempts on his life yet Saint Patrick died a natural death on March 17, 461. 

Perhaps we can let this be a lesson to us all – enjoy life!  Enjoy the blessings and beauty around you every day.  Celebrate what you’ve been given instead of looking for something more.  If you’re fortunate enough to awake each morning, then you’re fortunate enough, don’t you agree? 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day lovely ladies!  Celebrate in style!

March 17, 2011

One Charming Thing: Green Swarovski Charm

by ClearanceCharms

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! What would be St. Patrick’s Day without a sparkling green Swarovski charm to remind you to celebrate? Enjoy the day ladies!

Swarovski Crystal Charm Green


March 14, 2011

Must Have Monday: Enamel Lucky Clover

by ClearanceCharms

St Patrick’s Day is a few days away! Did any of you celebrate over the weekend? Hoboken and Boston’s festivities looked like a ball! Here’s hoping luck finds you today and all week long…

Enamel Green Clover


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