Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

by ClearanceCharms

Gosh I love spring!  Holidays galore!

The life and myths of St Patrick are particularly intriguing to a whimsical lady such as myself.  One such myth claims that the good saint charmed all the snakes in Ireland and led them to the sea to drown.  Another such story depicts Saint Patrick using the three-leafed shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to unbelievers.  Whether or not you believe fanciful myths, or even if you share the same faith – there are lessons that can be learned from this man’s life.

The patron saint was enslaved as a teen, later to escape to his freedom and lead the life we can now call noble.  Yet he was constantly worried about further hardship.  He said, “Daily I expect either murder, robbery, or enslavement.”   He escaped from 12 attempts on his life yet Saint Patrick died a natural death on March 17, 461. 

Perhaps we can let this be a lesson to us all – enjoy life!  Enjoy the blessings and beauty around you every day.  Celebrate what you’ve been given instead of looking for something more.  If you’re fortunate enough to awake each morning, then you’re fortunate enough, don’t you agree? 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day lovely ladies!  Celebrate in style!

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