Moving Day!!

by ClearanceCharms

Moving Day is finally here for Clearance Charms!

Sure, it may be two weeks later than anticipated but good things come to those who wait!  As we gear up to drive the staggering (ha) 3.91 miles to our glittering new headquarters, one can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come.  In just one year at our current far-to0-cramped Southern offices, we’ve shipped over 50,000 orders, had millions of visitors to, doubled our staff, flexed our social networking skills (hello Oh So Charming!) and really defined our corporate culture.

We have wonderful, enthusiastic customers who have truly shaped the way we think about service and shipping.  With our darling client family in mind, your Clearance Charms staff is hand-picked for perfection.  Every one of us is dedicated to your happiness.  We won’t rest if your order isn’t out the door in 24 hours and we will gladly talk you through the bracelet-building process.  It’s simple; we adore you.  I don’t think any other company has followers/fans/customers as cute as ours.  You’re all so incredibly sweet and happy, it’s very refreshing.  And it makes us strive to impress you.

From our new office, we will continue to do just that.  It’s not just a shiney new building for me, it’s a dazzling opportunity to pursue new possibilities and perfect our methods.  We are eager to share the benefits with you, the people who make it all possible.  I hope you love 710 Johnnie Dodds as much as we do.  Slumber party, anyone?  I’ll bring the popcorn!

PS Don’t worry, our resident office dog is coming along for the journey too!

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