Run, Run!

by ClearanceCharms

This Saturday’s Cooper River Bridge Run is a big deal to Charlestonians. A 10k foot race starting in historic Mount Pleasant ( previous home to Clearance Charms!), crossing the famed suspension Ravenel Bridge and ending in gorgeous downtown Charleston – it’s a spectacle to witness!

The bridge itself is 2.5 miles long and 200 feet high.  The incline is a moderate 4% slope so our runners won’t get too wiped out!  The Ravenel Bridge offers a dramatic backdrop for glowing orange skies illuminated by the sunset and a soaring peak reaching through the clouds in mist.  Bridge traffic of course is shut down during the event but a gracias sidewalk is open daily for runners and walkers.  If you come to Charleston, be sure to take a trip to the top and see the city and harbor sparkle beneath your feet.

One of the NewDreamz team members, our resident marathoner Miss Niki, is participating this Saturday.  Working overtime all week, we’re all wishing her sweet dreams Friday night for a speedy morning run.  She sets a wonderful team example as she finds solace and peace in running – something we can all hope to achieve in every day life.

As a spectactor, one rarely takes notice of all the preparation that goes into an event like this.  For weeks now, the streets along the route have been abuzz with activity.  Restrooms have been trucked in, flowers and plants spruced and cleaned to their prettiest.  Not to mention the fencing, tents, signs, banners and booths that have been set up along the way.  A great deal of effort goes in to every city event around the country and I must say it’s awfully refreshing to see the excitement in city workers’ and volunteers’ faces as they dutifully prepare for the big day.  It seems to me that they know that their combined efforts allow for a wonderfully fun day.

Anyone who wants to make life more fun is OK in my book.

To learn about the Bridge Run, visit their site here.



One Comment to “Run, Run!”

  1. What’s a nice place! Wonderful color of sun.
    Thank you to partage this with us.

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