Christmas Miracles… In April

by ClearanceCharms

I know this isn’t exactly on the topic of charms and exquisite jewelry… but here’s the thing;

I’m one of the many people who whole-heartedly believes in the magic and spirit of Christmas.  Being raised in a family whose faith celebrates the holiday is only a small source of my reverence.  People of all faiths are simply kinder and happier during the holidays.  There is a joyous spirit that floats along the street with shoppers and carollers.  It’s infectious, in the best way possible.

Needless to stay, I am likely one of the most jolly Christmas elves you’ll ever meet.  I hold all my Christmas traditions very dear, every last one of them – tree chopping (always on Thanksgiving weekend), dressing the dogs in Santa suits, my gorgeous Advent calendar, Cookie baking day with the family (no boy escapes), a Christmas Eve feast for all, sipping hot chocolate while we open presents under the tree, and of course carols that start playing the day after Halloween.

One of my favorite traditions is a simple, albeit delightful one.  I looooove wreaths.  With a bow, with lights, with no trimmings at all – they’re all fabulous!  Most people think it’s a little odd but I like to have at least two wreaths; one on the front door and one hung inside so we can enjoy the fragrance.  2010’s indoor version was hung over our bedroom door.  A gorgeous, bushy thing crafted from trimmings from our tree it leant it’s fragrance to both the bedroom and the office.

And here’s where the miracle comes in – it STILL does.

I know, I know! It should have been thrown out with the tinsel months ago.  I just can’t bring myself to throw out a Christmas Miracle!  Not only is it still green and poofy, it is so incredibley fragrant it could be just trimmed from the tree.  Destroying such a miraculous cluster of twigs would surely be a travesty.  Until he goes brittle, brown or loses his delicious sent, in my home he will stay.  Any guesses on if he’ll make it to next Christmas?


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