Introducing: Meet Your Staff

by ClearanceCharms

We pride ourselves on knowing our customers well and want you to know us too!  You trust us with not only your charms, but your hopes, wishes and fears as well – that’s not something we take lightly! 

In this series of posts, you’ll get to meet your happy Clearance Charms staff!  These women and men are the friendly voices on the other end of the line when you have a question, they’re the answer to your email at 10pm on a Saturday, they’re the ones who lovingly and precisely pack and ship your order. 

 Just for you, our wonderful customers, here’s a sneak peak at just who Your Staff is!  

Lacy is a Production Assistant here at Clearance Charms. She has a multitude of different tasks that she handles on a daily basis, including filling and processing orders.  If you have ever ordered from us before, chances are good that Lacy either handpicked the beads you bought or processed the order quickly and efficiently so that your new charms arrived safely at your doorstep!  Lacy is also training to be a Customer Service Representative.  Soon she will let her skills and sweet southern accent sparkle while taking customer calls, phone orders, returns & exchanges, and so much more!  Lacy is also a very talented bracelet designer.  She creates incredible combinations using an array of the fantastic beads that Clearance Charms has to offer.  

 Lacy says;

I’m a Lowcountry native, born and raised.  Meaning I’ve lived in Coastal South Carolina forever.  I grew up in a small town but decided to make Charleston my permanent home after receiving my undergraduate degree from The College of Charleston.  I love lazy days at the beach or pool, or even on my couch snuggling with my dog Cairo. When I’m not being lazy I love exploring Charleston’s historical sites and exciting nightlife.  I designed my bracelet with Charleston in mind.  It’s sparkly, yet casual; glitzy, but also sophisticated! It’s the perfect piece for any outfit. Oh and did I mention I LOVE the color purple?!?”

Her most recent design is a gorgeous piece with an array of purple tones and sparkling black hues. 











Lacy’s vibrant bracelet comes from a stunning collection of inspirational images.  You can always view her current Inspiration Board on our Inspiration tab.

Credit: 1. Palm Tree Photo from 2. Bridge photo from 3. Downtown Photo from 4. Fountain Image from 5. Her personally designed bracelet from Clearance Charms.


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