Question of the Week: Starting a Bracelet Design

by ClearanceCharms

A very popular question, indeed! It can be difficult to buy charms that will coordinate without having the ability to compare them in person, however with this guide you should be able to do so with ease!

Some Starting Points:

In order to obtain a full bracelet without spending a great deal once is to slowly build your bracelet, starting with a few good base beads that will look great on their own as your bracelet grows.

The key to creating a solid design is to have an inspiration or idea as the foundation. For example, I have chosen the culture of Morocco as a design idea; everything from food to art is exquisitely rich in color and texture. I prefer darker colors, so I will choose charms that acknowledge the Moroccan feel, but also express my style.

My Inspiration Board

Step One:

If you already have a theme or central beads in mind for your bracelet, run with it! I chose the Blue Sandstone charm as the center charm because I want darker tones that still sparkle. I surrounded it with two Freshwater Pearls to add color and then finished off my base design with the new  Mosaic Shell charms that evoke the Moroccan feel I want to capture. I now have a set of beads that can transition beautifully as I add more charms.


Step One Total: $140.94 (if you have already purchased a bracelet, the total is $100.95)

Step Two:

Do not stress about buying charms in the exact order you want them on the bracelet; that’s the beauty of charms, you can change up the design anytime you want! Instead, buy charms you want on your bracelet the most, because some of our popular items can sell out fast! I added Frosted Coil Murano beads next to break up the dark hues, then opted for more Mosaic Shell charms in the Hope design and Wish design since I am absolutely in love with them! I decided that I needed a bit more sparkle, so I chose the Pewter Crystal charms to finish off my second round of beads!

Step Two Total: $103.94 (Total costs thus far: $244.88)

Step Three:

Fill in the blanks! Add in beads and charms that suit your theme and style to fill up the bracelet. The design seemed to be in need of silver, so I added a few pieces for a little more shine. For my last charms, I focused on adding more color to take the bracelet from dull to Moroccan fabulous! I added two more  Freshwater Pearls ) and finished the bracelet off with Semi Precious Jade charms to complement the shades of gray and magenta.

Step Three Total: $181.90 (Total cost of bracelet: $426.78)

After some adjusting, I have all the charms arranged in a design that is both gorgeous, and a reflexion of my personality and style. Keep in mind that I used more expensive items on my bracelet, but you can easily make a gorgeous design for much cheaper. If you prefer the more pricey items, just purchase fewer items per order! Take your time and have fun with your bracelet and make sure it illustrates your style and personality. Remember, the beads don’t have to match perfectly, they just need to go together. Have fun and enjoy!

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