Question of the Week: The Difference Between a Lock, Spacer, and Stopper

by ClearanceCharms


I need something to keep the beads in place on my bracelet, but I am not sure what to get – a lock, spacer, or stopper. What do you suggest?

This is a great question and a very popular one. First you need to know the purpose of each one of the these useful beads. Then it will be easier to see which item fits your needs the best.

A lock opens and closes like a clasp and will keep your beads from falling off the end of your bracelet. Locks move freely along your bracelet like other beads and do not hold your beads in place like a stopper. We have numerous different shapes and styles that are easy to use. They come in Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, and Two Tone. Check them out!

Spacers are decorative and small in width. They are used to accentuate certain charms. For example many people like to accentuate the center bead on their bracelet by placing a spacer on either side of the central bead. They are also great to use throughout your bracelet to add some dimension. We have a huge collection of spacers in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. We carry sterling silver, CZ, cloisonné, and enamel spacers. You can peruse our entire collection of spacers by clicking here. Our stoppers come in a variety of designs and colors, in solid .925 silver and 24k gold. They have a silicone core that fits very snugly to your bracelet. They are more difficult to get on initially. Our suggested technique is to twist the stopper while pushing it over the tip of your bracelet. After you succeed at getting your stopper on the first time it is much easier to get on and take off. A stopper’s purpose is to hold your charms in place once on your bracelet. They can be used to separate sections, keep charms in the center of your bracelet. They can also keep your charms from falling off the end of your bracelet when taking it off and putting it on, like a lock.  In any use, they’re an elegant edition to your bracelet that are as beautiful as they are effective. You can view our entire collection of Stoppers by clicking the link here or you can visit Stoppers pictured: Beaded Gold Stopper 50796, Silver Cloud Silver Stopper 60551, Banded Silver and Gold Stopper 50889 As you can see, there are many different uses and options in terms of aesthetic appearance for these great tools. There is something for everyone and every bracelet, it just depends on what function you are looking for.


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