Meet Your Staff: Cheri

by ClearanceCharms

We pride ourselves on knowing our customers well and want you to know us too!  You trust us with not only your charms, but your hopes, wishes and fears as well – that’s not something we take lightly! 

In this series of posts, you’ll get to meet your happy Clearance Charms staff!  These women and men are the friendly voices on the other end of the line when you have a question, they’re the answer to your email at 10pm on a Saturday, they’re the ones who lovingly and precisely pack and ship your order. 

Just for you, our wonderful customers, here’s a sneak peak at just who Your Staff is!  

Here at Clearance Charms, Cheri is a very important part of our team. As Production Coordinator, Cheri manages all aspects of order fulfillment. Cheri oversees that every bead is in impeccable shape before it is packaged and shipped out to our wonderful customers. She also helps with customer service and any other tasks that need to be completed throughout our busy days. She is a very friendly and outgoing person with a very uplifting and positive attitude. Cheri is also a very talented bracelet designer as you can see from this fabulous creation she has made!

 Cheri says;

I grew up in Wilmington NC and attended college at North Carolina State University. My passion for the beach and the desire to be around beautiful surroundings is what brought me here to Charleston, South Carolina. One of my favorite pastimes is taking a ride around the neighborhood to local restaurants and the beach on the tandem bicycle I share with the love of my life. I also enjoy spending time with my two very silly yet adorable nieces who love going to the park and indulging in pink ice cream with their Auntie! On the weekends if I am not on the beach soaking up some much needed sunshine I can be found cuddled up on the couch taking a cat nap with my kittens.

The concept behind the design of my bracelet stems from all things I surround myself with: warm whimsical days and love that is here to stay.

Her fabulous creation is made of a multitude of gorgeous beads and charms using shades of green, vibrant citrus and shimmering white, with accents of silver. Do you love it!? Do you have to have it!? 




Cheri’s vibrant bracelet comes from a stunning collection of inspirational images.  You can always view her current Inspiration Board on our Inspiration tab.

Credit: Photo 1:, Photo 2:, Photo 3:, Photo4: Her personally designed bracelet from Clearance Charms.


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