Question of the Week: How to put a stopper on your bracelet.

by ClearanceCharms

I bought two stoppers to hold the beads in the center of my bracelet, but I can’t get them on! I don’t think the stoppers fit, are they defective?

Stoppers have a silicone core (see picture above) that fits very snugly to your bracelet. They are a little difficult to get on initially. Our suggested technique is to twist the stopper while you push it onto your bracelet. Remember it takes a little muscle! You can push quite hard without fear of damage to the bracelet or charm because the core is such soft pliable rubber. Once you get it on the first time it is much easier the next time around.

Once on, stoppers are fabulous in many different ways. They can be used to separate sections, or keep charms in the center of your bracelet (see picture below). They can also keep your charms from falling off the end of your bracelet when taking it off and putting it on.

(Arrows indicate Stoppers)

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Credits: Stopper Pictured: Antique Swizzle Silver Stopper SKU: 10251; Bracelet Pictured: Sterling Silver Bracelet


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