How To: A Guide for Using Safety Chains

by ClearanceCharms

Our much anticipated Safety Chains have arrived at Clearance Charms! We are thrilled to offer these sought after items to our customers. The Safety Chains are comprised of a 2 ½ inch chain with a stopper on each side to protect you from losing your bracelet when the clasp opens. Using the guide below, you will be able to easily place the chain on your bracelet and enjoy the extra security it brings to you!

Note: You can find the names and SKUs of the items pictured at the bottom of the page.

Place one end of the safety chain on the end of the bracelet and push and twist to get it on, like you would a stopper. Slide the chain all the way to the end of the bracelet where it meets the clasp.

Before applying the second end of the stopper, fill your bracelet with the beads and charms you desire to have on your bracelet. Once you have all the charms on the bracelet, repeat steps 1 and 2 to put the second stopper onto the bracelet.

Once the second stopper is secure on the bracelet, you’re all set! Put the bracelet on your wrist open and then clasp it, allowing the chain to dangle and enjoy!


Voila! And now you’re ready to enjoy your beautiful design without the worry of losing your bracelet or charms!



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