Question of the Week: Promotion Codes

by ClearanceCharms

I am trying to checkout but my Promo Code isn’t working on some of the items in my cart. I am also trying to use another $5 off postcard code that I received with my last order. It won’t accept that either, what gives?

We have many customer questions dealing with all aspects of our promotion codes. Let’s go over the basics so we can try to cover any questions you may have.

First, let’s start with where you enter the promotion code. You can find promotion codes on our site, through email, and via postcards once you receive an order. We love to give our customer’s the best deal possible and hope you enjoy these added discounts.

After you log in to your account and select your fabulous items, you will proceed to checkout where you will go through a few steps. First, you will need to enter your billing address. Step 2 is to enter your shipping address if it deviates from the previous address. In step 3 you will select your shipping method. Step 4 is where the promotion code will be entered. This is your order confirmation section, where you will go over the items you have chosen.

You will enter the promotion code in the bottom right hand corner where it says [Redeem a Gift Certificate or Coupon]. Type the code in this box and press the [Apply] button.

Remember – Promotions do not work on Clearance Items.

You can find these exclusions at the bottom of your email, below the actual ad:

On the Clearance Page: Clearance Sale Items are excluded from further promotion or discount and are final sale.

If you have a regular priced item in your cart for $24.99 and 3 clearance items and you want to use a postcard promo code it will not work. This is due to the subtotal requirement. All of our $5 off postcard promo codes must be a subtotal minimum of $30. This only includes full priced items. Here is an example: the Subtotal is $35.96 but the only full priced item only totals $24.99. Therefore, you will receive an error message: Your order does not meet the minimum order total excluding promotion products for this coupon code to be applied. Please spend another $5.01 first.

You need to add another non-clearance item of at least $5.01 to receive this discount. This is also true for other promotion codes that have a minimum subtotal requirement.

Remember – you cannot use more than one promotion code per transaction.

You are unable to combine promotion codes. If you have a promo for 40% off Silver Beads and Charms if you spend $50 with the [SAND] code you can’t use your $5 off postcard code [NewDreamz]. This holds true for all promotion codes including: postcards, email offers, daily deals, etc. You want to make sure you use the code that saves you the most money by itself.

Don’t forget to check out our Daily Deals that can be found on the homepage. They change daily!



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