When Size Matters

by ClearanceCharms

Another week has come and gone.   Fall leaves and sharpened pencils are just around the corner.  And don’t be alarmed, but holiday festivities won’t be far behind.  As I cling for dear life to these last few glorious summer days, I can’t help but remember how quickly the holiday season flew by – just like these too short summer months.

In an effort to be ahead of the game this year, I’m already scheming away for the perfect gifts.  No last minute gift cards from me this year, no siree!  For all the ladies in my life, the answer is obvious; beads are highly gift-able.  For those woefully behind friends and family that are late to the beautiful world of charms, personalized “starter” bracelets are a lovely thought.

And of course, for ladies who already have beautiful designs, I’m starting to subtly discern what would fit well on their bracelet.  What charm do they need to balance that beautiful Faceted Crystal, for instance?  We are often asked questions regarding charm sizing.  For example,

How big is the Aqua Crystal Charm compared to the Pink Freshwater Pearl?

To help you determine how the size of a potential charm will work with your current design, we are adding exact measurements for every item to each product description.  You can see these measurements when you click on a particular charm and read the Product Description.  But sometimes relativity is key.  Below are a few images that display size differences among our most popular categories.  We hope this helps you determine which piece is best for you!

Our most popular Crystal Charms in various shapes & sizes…


In the mood to dangle?


The Silver Lining…

Can you see the difference between the Small & Large CZ Charms?

See how our most popular shapes shape up…

Don’t forget the Arm Candy…

Sizing General Rules of Thumb:

  • Fimo Clay Charms & Semi-Precious Stones are the largest in width.
  • Designer Glass Charms are usually larger than standard Murano Glass Charms
  • Large CZ Charms have bigger stones than Small CZ Charms
  • Spacers are skinny!
  • Swarovski Crystal Charms are about the same size as Murano Glass Charms
  • Signature Charms are on the whole a bit larger than the rest of the collection.
  • Faceted Crystal Charms & Faceted CZ Charms are about the same size but Faceted Crystals are much lighter than CZs

And when all else fails, just ask!! We are happy to tell you specifically how one bead stacks up next to another!


One Comment to “When Size Matters”

  1. Thank you very much New Dreamz for showing us all the approximate size of the different charms that are available on your site. I have often wondered if a particular charm that I wanted to buy would fit in with the rest of the charms that I already have on my two bracelets & one is waiting for a S/S bracelet to add 8 charms that are just waiting to go on display.

    I truly love shopping on New Dreamz and every chaance I get, I tell someone about you . Even perfect strangers that I meet in a department store who are shopping for charms. And they are so much more expensive. Even with a 65% off, your site is still less in cost. Again, thank you. Liz.

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