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September 28, 2011

Wish List Wednesday: Blue Cat Eye Charm

by ClearanceCharms

When only the purest color will do, turn with confidence to the Cat’s Eye Stone Charms Collection. 

Blue Cat’s Eye Charm


September 23, 2011

First Day of Fall

by ClearanceCharms

Happy Fall Season! Today marks the first day of fall, one of our favorite seasons! Here’s to all the fun to come – changing leaves, pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, and camp fires. From the west coast to the east, in town and city – we hope you have a fabulous fall season!



September 20, 2011

How To: Wear White After Labor Day

by ClearanceCharms

So here’s the thing – I hate following rules. Laws I agree, are put in place for a reason but when it comes to social regulations, I must say I am a complete rebel. Who wants to conform when you can be a beautifully unique individual? Dare to be different!

Today I will let you in on one of my rebellious little secrets: it is completely acceptable to wear white after Labor Day! The ‘faux pas’ of wearing white during the fall and winter is in the past. Though it can be tacky if worn incorrectly (anything has that potential) overall it is completely appropriate. With a few simple suggestions, you’ll be able to wear crisp whites throughout the seasons while looking fabulous and fashionable.

Materials – make sure the fabrics you choose are weather appropriate. For instance, white wool slacks would be chic and warm, however a pair of linen pants would seem out of place and just plain chilly.

Layers – layering items is not only stylish but also ideal for the changing seasons when the weather is unpredictable. Combine cashmere and leather to any winter white outfit to give it depth, warmth, and weight.

Colors – since white clothing look light and airy by nature, draw them into a seasonal look with darker colors and patterns.

Accessories – cold weather accessories are vital not only to a white ensemble, but to any fall/winter outfit. Scarves, tights, gloves, capelets, etc. can all be added to a white garb to winterize it.

With these helpful tips, I hope you’re able to transition your favorite white pieces into year round items. Remember that no matter what, you should remain true to who you are and your own individual style. Have fun rebelling!

1. Tibi jacket 2. Christian Louboutin pumps 3. Clearance Charms feather earrings 4. Fendi swing dress 5. See by Chloe lace dress 6. Stella McCartney wool pants 7. Ugg Australia cardi boots 8. Rochas handbag 9. Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket 10. Alice + Olivia ankle boot (Photo credit: Saks Fifth Avenue, Clearance Charms
September 19, 2011

Fall Adventures: Apple Picking

by ClearanceCharms

In our fast paced, on-the-go society, it may seem inconvenient to venture anywhere other than the supermarket to get groceries. People who share this mentality have no idea on what they are missing out on! It is not necessarily about the food that is involved – it is all about the experience. There is something so magical about picking apples on a cool autumn day.

For all of you who have been fortunate enough to partake in this amazing activity, you know exactly what I mean. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains where there is an apple orchard or roadside stand around every corner. When fall rolls around, it becomes Apple Country. Tourists flood in to see the illuminated leaf colors and to enjoy the simplicity of apple picking. There is nothing as refreshing as crunching into an apple that you have picked yourself – you can almost taste the crisp fall air in every bite.

The prime time to pick apples is between late September and early November depending on the type of apple and the climate/weather. The most abundant apple growth in the United States is in the Northeast and the Northwest. If you live in these areas, apple picking should go to the top of your ‘To Do’ list. If you live elsewhere, I highly recommend a fall road trip! There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy at the orchards – hay rides, pumpkin patches, hikes, etc.

If you think a peck or a bushel of apples is just too much for you, remember they will last up to 90 days when refrigerated. Since my mother would kill me for giving out her family recipes, below I have compiled a list of delicious recipes from the chefs of Food Network to help you utilize the fresh apples you have. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Apple Pie

Spiced Apple-Pear Cider

Waldorf Salad

Apple Streusel Muffins

Apple Brie Calzone

Apple Crisp

September 15, 2011

I have a secret…

by ClearanceCharms

I have a secret.  It’s the kind of thing you hide away from friends, coworkers, family members.  It’s something I’ve saved just for myself for so many years that I can’t even imagine giving it away.  But today… I will.

Perhaps we all have some little untold tidbit that would change our grasp on reality if told?  Mine, as it were, happens to be a style trick.  A little known factoid that even fashion and beauty pros haven’t picked up on.  I know you were hoping for something really juicy;  she’s secretly Angelina Jolie – gasp!  But I assure you, this little teeny tiny trick will change your life.

Being a true California girl, I’ve adopted a sort of laissez-faire attitude when it comes to some aspects of my daily beauty routine.  Granted, I’m never (ever) going to forget to put on nightly eye cream but perhaps I’ll waive my primer or foundation.  And you certainly will never (ever) see me without accessories, but there is a good chance that I’ll be sporting just-rolled-out-of-bed tousled hair that one co-worker once graciously dubbed “so Ralph Lauren.”  It is this sometimes glamorous, sometimes disastrous tousled hair that is the starting point for my little secret.

While I am not the type of person for buttoned up apparel or perfectly coiffed chignons, I certainly wouldn’t want to appear unkempt.  But let’s admit it, sometimes the effort of washing/conditioning/product application/drying/curling/ironing/more product is just too much for a girl to handle before she’s had her first sip of latte in the morning.  I also happen to be one of those people who has superfine but also superfluous hair atop my head.  To that end, I will admit it, I wash every other day.  I count myself in good company of some very fashionable women who practice this alternating method.  However, sometimes my ‘do gets a bit unruly, one might say.  And heaven forbid anyone should ever know that I didn’t wash my hair in the morning!  The horror.  If you suffer the same fate as I do, this little secret of mine is going to save you a lot of angst.

Ok, here it is.  You’re officially the first to know my hard-kept well guarded secret….

Earrings.  The bigger, the better.  I’m talking big huge sparkly suckers. 

With big, bold, beautiful earrings adorning your lovely albeit slightly rumpled head, no one will ever notice that you’ve skipped the blow out.  Seriously.  I know you’re thinking, “Come on, all the melodrama and she says wear earrings?”  But trust me, it is the most amazing revelation.  I think it’s a combination of people being distracted away from your messy mop to something so beautiful but it’s more than that.  Having a gorgeous set of earrings frame your face truly accentuates your best asset – your smiling face!  Suddenly the most amazing thing about your entire look is put on display and everyone will take notice.  Just watch how your waitress looks you in the eye, or how your assistant is instantly perkier and much more obliging.  Your whole aura will be transformed, and no one will ever be wise to the reason.

Of course now everyone in my office will be examining my hair each time I happen to wear my favorite Nugz Jewelry earrings with Pink Constellation Nugz, but I’m glad to sacrifice my secret for the better of woman-kind.  The next time you just want to hit the snooze, give this tip a whirl.  And be sure to report back – I know there will be an amazing pep in your step!


September 13, 2011

Fall Fashion: Equestrian Chic

by ClearanceCharms

Autumn is the reigning champion of seasonal bests: cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves, and of course – fall fashion! Perfection is in the details when it comes to your autumn wardrobe. There is nothing like a mix of cashmere, wool, and leather tied together by chic accessories. One of this fall’s hottest new trends is an updated spin on a classic look – Equestrian Chic.

The style takes on a playful combination of traditional horseback essentials, such as jodhpurs, boots, and riding jackets. The classic equestrian look has been an iconic image of poise and grace for decades and we hope that this guide will inspire you to take the concept and evolve it into your own style!

Essential Pieces:

Jacket – whether you go with a classic riding jacket or a more modern pea coat, nothing says fall like great outerwear! Mix things up with a striped or plaid blazer layered with other patterns for a look of depth and interest.

Skinny pants – perfect for tucking into boots, skinny pants and jodhpurs are ideal for an equestrian look. Try different fabrics such as leather or colored denim to create a unique feel.

Dress – for an easy fall ensemble, throw on a dress and tights. Pair the outfit with a fabulous riding boot and you’re ready to go looking chic and in season.

Accessories – to quote a favorite movie, Steel Magnolias – “the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” Take a basic outfit and individualize it with great jewelry and a classic bag. Keep warm on those cool fall mornings with leather accessories and cashmere scarves!

Boots – arguably the most important item in a great fall wardrobe, the boot screams ‘fall’ and ‘equestrian.’ Try a tall riding boot for running errands, or an ankle boot for a night on the town.

Whatever your style, whether you are a modern traditionalist, a chic bohemian, or an urban sophisticate, the equestrian look can be adapted and styled to fit your personal preference. Get creative and have fun while you are enjoying the amazing weather and brilliant colors of autumn! We love it so much that we designed a bracelet to celebrate the seasonal beauty!


(Photo Credit:,,, )
September 11, 2011


by ClearanceCharms

It’s hard to believe that 10 years has already passed since that terrible day.  At 8:46 a.m. ET United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the World Trade Center’s north tower.  In the moments (and months and years) that followed, thousands of lives were lost, just as many heroes were made and a country mourned as one.

Even now, three thousand six hundred and fifty days later, I still can’t write this post without crying.  Every photo, every sound bite, every quote from a survivor searching for a loved one makes me as emotional as it did ten years ago.  Some may be gripped with anger at those who caused this absolute destruction, and rightfully so.  I, however, can not seem to get past the terror that must have gripped the 2819 souls who suffered the worst fate.  No one should have to suffer as they did, and it is for them that my tears fall.

My intention is not for you all to join me in my sorrow, rather to remember that we are fortunate to be here.  Every day that we rise, we have the option to move forward or stay still.  Let us all make the most of our days for those who won’t get the opportunity.  Let us remember that while buildings were crashing down around them, men and women ran into the flames to try and save people they had never met.

Ten years have come and gone since that fateful day, but we can still remember to take care of one another.  Make the place you call home one of compassion, friendship and empathy.  I hope that we all have learned over the years to accept differences in our neighbors and to be greatful for what we have.

I hope you take some time today to reflect on the lives lost and how you can make the most of your own life.  Remember where you were that horrible morning… but instead of re-living the shock and anger, let’s remember how proud we felt to be Americans when every New Yorker came together in the rescue efforts.   I hope we can always rise to the occasion.  Let us make our lives stand for something meaningful; peace, compassion, courage.

 And most of all, let us remember that hope can get us through anything.


Ten years since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the nation will pause and remember the fallen, the survivors, the first responders and all who helped the us move forward after the tragic events.

Join in a minute of silence at 10 a.m. PST Sunday to remember and reflect.

 The Ground Zero Memorial Today

9/11 by the numbers…

Total number killed in attacks (official figure as of 9/5/02): 2,819

Estimated number of children who lost a parent: 3,051

Number of people who lost a spouse or partner in the attacks: 1,609

Number of nations whose citizens were killed in attacks: 115

Estimated amount donated to 9/11 charities: $1.4 billion

Estimated number of New Yorkers suffering from post-traumatic-stress disorder as a result of 9/11: 422,000

Percentage increase in CIA applications from 2001 to 2002: 50

Estimated units of blood donated to the New York Blood Center: 36,000


Remember the heroes with us:

National Geographic’s Remembering 9/11 (some images in their gallery may be graphic but you are not taken directly there)

NYMag’s 9/11 Statistics

9/11 Memorial Site (includes touching photos of memorials worldwide)

Official 9/11 Comission Report

September 11 Digital Archive

September 9, 2011

Sometimes all you need is a little…

by ClearanceCharms

After a grueling week, sometimes all you need is a little time to unwind.  With summer slowly but surely coming to an end, most of us are feeling the stress of hectic schedules and impending holiday craziness.  This fall (and winter too!), don’t forget to take time for yourself.  If that means locking the kids out of the bathroom so you can take a bubble bath once a week, then suds it up!  Or perhaps you’re like me and need to get up that extra thirty minutes earlier so you can squeeze in a good stretch session to feel good throughout the day.  Whatever it is that you need to soothe your soul, just make sure you find a way to do it!

And when all else fails, remember that looking good will instantly make you feel good.  It’s fact.  But don’t worry, “good” doesn’t have to be crisp perfection, we can’t all be Jackie O.  Is your blouse a little wrinkled?  Pile on some bracelets (4 or 5 is so hot right now) and everyone will think you’re intentionally being edgy.  Don’t have time to wash your hair?  Wear a pair of fabulous earrings and no one will even notice.  Whatever you need to feel glamorous, just remember to pamper yourself at least a little bit this weekend and keep it up all winter long!




Credit: Matt Yung Photography via Style Me Pretty

September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day | Doing the impossible every day

by ClearanceCharms

If you’re asking about what can be accomplished with a little willpower, I’ll be the first to tell you that a woman can acheive anything she sets her sights on.  I’ve never been more impressed by the extreme multi-tasking of hard working women than this year.  I am in complete awe of those juggling (with perceived ease I might add) babies, puppies, executive roles and traditional household roles.

It seems that we really can have it all – and do it all too!

One might call me a confused feminist; I expect the door to be held, but it’ll be a cold day in Charleston before I’m going to let anyone tell me there’s something I can’t accomplish.  I’m just tickled pink to find like-minded women from Sarasota to San Francisco who are breaking boundaries and pushing through glass ceilings.  Perhaps we owe it all to Rosie the Riveter.

There is room to be feminine and strong.  Supported and free-thinking.  Soft and bold.  Lace and leather.

You no longer have to be one or the other.  It is my humble opinion that the most attractive woman is the one who knows how to combine her feminine charms and head for business into one total bombshell package.  That’s a woman we all want to get to know.  And lucky for us, she seems to be joining the party very fashionably everywhere.

And thankfully, one of the most effective ways to express your confidence and ability is through fashion.  It takes a well defined sense of self to develop a wardrobe that’s punctuated with personality.  I, for instance, feel my most fierce in a pair of 5 inch spiked heels paired with an elegantly contrasting bracelet full of Swarovski Crystal Charms.  On the other hand,  you might feel uber capable in a gorgeous pair of Ferragamo flats and a fuss-less lucite bangle.

However different our styles of dress may be, the outcome should be the same: our clothing and accessories should convey a message.  I urge you to make that message one of confidence and capability.  And even if you’re hesitant about that new leather skirt & statement Bubble Necklace you just got for fall, remember the number one rule in fashion…

Fake it til you make it.



Credit: 1. Olivia Wilde wearing a Marchesa gown & Christian Louboutin heels at the 68th Golden Globe Awards, 2.Rosie the Riveter,  3.Christian Louboutin heels,   4. Clearance Charms office with Alice + Olivia booties & wall quote from Walt Disney

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