Sometimes all you need is a little…

by ClearanceCharms

After a grueling week, sometimes all you need is a little time to unwind.  With summer slowly but surely coming to an end, most of us are feeling the stress of hectic schedules and impending holiday craziness.  This fall (and winter too!), don’t forget to take time for yourself.  If that means locking the kids out of the bathroom so you can take a bubble bath once a week, then suds it up!  Or perhaps you’re like me and need to get up that extra thirty minutes earlier so you can squeeze in a good stretch session to feel good throughout the day.  Whatever it is that you need to soothe your soul, just make sure you find a way to do it!

And when all else fails, remember that looking good will instantly make you feel good.  It’s fact.  But don’t worry, “good” doesn’t have to be crisp perfection, we can’t all be Jackie O.  Is your blouse a little wrinkled?  Pile on some bracelets (4 or 5 is so hot right now) and everyone will think you’re intentionally being edgy.  Don’t have time to wash your hair?  Wear a pair of fabulous earrings and no one will even notice.  Whatever you need to feel glamorous, just remember to pamper yourself at least a little bit this weekend and keep it up all winter long!




Credit: Matt Yung Photography via Style Me Pretty


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