Fall Fashion: Equestrian Chic

by ClearanceCharms

Autumn is the reigning champion of seasonal bests: cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, changing leaves, and of course – fall fashion! Perfection is in the details when it comes to your autumn wardrobe. There is nothing like a mix of cashmere, wool, and leather tied together by chic accessories. One of this fall’s hottest new trends is an updated spin on a classic look – Equestrian Chic.

The style takes on a playful combination of traditional horseback essentials, such as jodhpurs, boots, and riding jackets. The classic equestrian look has been an iconic image of poise and grace for decades and we hope that this guide will inspire you to take the concept and evolve it into your own style!

Essential Pieces:

Jacket – whether you go with a classic riding jacket or a more modern pea coat, nothing says fall like great outerwear! Mix things up with a striped or plaid blazer layered with other patterns for a look of depth and interest.

Skinny pants – perfect for tucking into boots, skinny pants and jodhpurs are ideal for an equestrian look. Try different fabrics such as leather or colored denim to create a unique feel.

Dress – for an easy fall ensemble, throw on a dress and tights. Pair the outfit with a fabulous riding boot and you’re ready to go looking chic and in season.

Accessories – to quote a favorite movie, Steel Magnolias – “the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” Take a basic outfit and individualize it with great jewelry and a classic bag. Keep warm on those cool fall mornings with leather accessories and cashmere scarves!

Boots – arguably the most important item in a great fall wardrobe, the boot screams ‘fall’ and ‘equestrian.’ Try a tall riding boot for running errands, or an ankle boot for a night on the town.

Whatever your style, whether you are a modern traditionalist, a chic bohemian, or an urban sophisticate, the equestrian look can be adapted and styled to fit your personal preference. Get creative and have fun while you are enjoying the amazing weather and brilliant colors of autumn! We love it so much that we designed a bracelet to celebrate the seasonal beauty!


(Photo Credit: www.rockingfacts.com, www.saks.com, www.anthropologie.com, www.clearancecharms.com )

One Comment to “Fall Fashion: Equestrian Chic”

  1. Love everything about equestrian! awesome blog!

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