How To: Wear White After Labor Day

by ClearanceCharms

So here’s the thing – I hate following rules. Laws I agree, are put in place for a reason but when it comes to social regulations, I must say I am a complete rebel. Who wants to conform when you can be a beautifully unique individual? Dare to be different!

Today I will let you in on one of my rebellious little secrets: it is completely acceptable to wear white after Labor Day! The ‘faux pas’ of wearing white during the fall and winter is in the past. Though it can be tacky if worn incorrectly (anything has that potential) overall it is completely appropriate. With a few simple suggestions, you’ll be able to wear crisp whites throughout the seasons while looking fabulous and fashionable.

Materials – make sure the fabrics you choose are weather appropriate. For instance, white wool slacks would be chic and warm, however a pair of linen pants would seem out of place and just plain chilly.

Layers – layering items is not only stylish but also ideal for the changing seasons when the weather is unpredictable. Combine cashmere and leather to any winter white outfit to give it depth, warmth, and weight.

Colors – since white clothing look light and airy by nature, draw them into a seasonal look with darker colors and patterns.

Accessories – cold weather accessories are vital not only to a white ensemble, but to any fall/winter outfit. Scarves, tights, gloves, capelets, etc. can all be added to a white garb to winterize it.

With these helpful tips, I hope you’re able to transition your favorite white pieces into year round items. Remember that no matter what, you should remain true to who you are and your own individual style. Have fun rebelling!

1. Tibi jacket 2. Christian Louboutin pumps 3. Clearance Charms feather earrings 4. Fendi swing dress 5. See by Chloe lace dress 6. Stella McCartney wool pants 7. Ugg Australia cardi boots 8. Rochas handbag 9. Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket 10. Alice + Olivia ankle boot (Photo credit: Saks Fifth Avenue, Clearance Charms

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