Wear Orange (Without Looking Like a Pumpkin)

by ClearanceCharms

And so the holiday season begins! Fall marks the first glimmer of festive lawn decor and seasonal activities.  The best way to show your holiday cheer is to dress for the occasion. While some opt for more direct ways (i.e. holiday sweaters), we at Clearance Charms prefer a more subtle approach to celebrating fall and Halloween through our attire.

A perfect color to wear for fall is orange. Some of you may have a fear of this color and think that you cannot pull off such a bold color – rest assured, you can! Orange has a wide range of shades, varying from deep rust to tangerine. There are orange hues suitable for all skin tones and styles.

A great way to incorporate orange is to use it as an accent color. A simple pop of color can turn any drab ensemble into a fabulous, individualized outfit. Add an orange accessory, such as a bracelet or handbag, to a muted outfit for a festive flare. Try to stay away from pairing a brighter orange with black or green however, to avoid a Halloween themed look.

If you want to go all out with orange, make sure the hue does not have to compete for attention – it should be the focal color of your attire. For work and weekend ensembles, keep accessories simple; a great nude heel or a brown boot is the perfect pairing for a rich orange shade. For an evening look, pair a muted orange with a great metallic for a formal yet fun feel.

We hope this has given you some helpful hints for your fall wardrobe. Be festive, be bold, and be chic. Happy October!

(Photo credit: www.saks.com and ClearanceCharms.com

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