How to: Wear Multiple Bracelets

by ClearanceCharms

What’s the hot new trend popping up on the runway from New York to Milan? Arm candy! Stacked bracelets are the perfect accessory to bring a unique energy to your style. Whether you have an eclectic style or are more of a traditionalist, this fun new trend can be tailor made to fit your favorite look.

To perfect the art of stacking, take some of your favorite bracelets in varying sizes and styles and begin layering. Remember – the bracelets don’t need to match perfectly, they simply need to coordinate. If you prefer a more subdued look, choose bracelets that have similar shades as those in your ensemble; they will add an extra element without being distracting.

If you’re feeling bold, throw on multicolored bracelets that contrast the colors in your outfit – just keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard. One arm of statement bracelets is perfection; however both arms full may overpower you and your wardrobe. My personal favorite is mixing textures, such as Lucite and leather, in more neutral tones, and then throwing in a few pops of color.


Whichever way you wear them, wear them with confidence! Look and feel great while being oh so stylish.

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