Question of the Week: How to Avoid Tarnish

by ClearanceCharms

As we all know, sterling silver can tarnish for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember that this is very common; it is not related to the quality of the silver or the care given to the silver. Even if you take excellent care of your charms, there is still a chance that they will tarnish somewhat due to outside influences. Humidity, chemicals in the air, and body products can cause tarnish to progress.

Though silver can be cleaned with a bit of work, it is far easier to prevent the problem than fix it. Do not fear – we have the inside scoop on a few remedies personally used by some of the Clearance Charms staff.

Be conscious of the products you apply to your skin, such as perfume and lotion. Body products can affect the chemistry of the metal so be sure to let them dry and sink into your skin before putting on jewelry.  Also, wipe down your charms with a cloth after wear to cut down on build up.

Make sure your jewelry is kept in a closed space such as a jewelry box to lessen the exposure to the air. If you do not have a jewelry box, a plastic bin or Ziploc bag will work as well. Do not use cardboard as it can actually encourage tarnish.

For humidity, add pieces of chalk or silica gel (small packet that comes in shoe boxes, etc.) in with your jewelry – they will draw out moisture and chemicals in the air which affect the silver negatively.

If your charms have tarnished, be sure to read our blog on How to Clean Your Charms or try our European Polishing Cloth. Be aware that some charms have an antiquing process on them to provide a particular look or to highlight detail – don’t fret, it is not tarnish.

We hope that these few tips will keep your charms beautiful and tarnish free! If you have any additional quirky tips, please let us know!

(Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton Travel Jewelry Case)

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