Behind the Scenes: On My Desk

by ClearanceCharms

Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on the space you live (and work) in and how it reflects what you have to say to the world. In my case, my office is filled to the brim with everything I need daily, plus a few sweet snacks & motivational reminders. It’s a cozy space that I often share with my giant Great Dane puppy & several Clearance Charms staffers brainstorming our next idea.

Let’s talk priorities: you’ll often find three pairs of “dog walking” boots, flats & a rather fabulous set of heels under my desk. And I absolutely can not function without The List. It’s divided into sections so I can focus easily on the tasks (sssss) at hand. Here’s a little peak into where I spend most of my days…

I absolutely adore my desk, which is actually the Parsons Dining Table from West Elm. I need a massive space to hold all my stuff.  We decorated our whole office with white furniture, it looks ultra sophisticated en masse. My amaaazing hand-carved bookshelf originated in Indonesia and was scooped up at GDC Home in Mount Pleasant. It’s really a touch too big for the space but I loved it the moment I saw it. I also love the way the stark white of my table contrasts with the old-world carvings.

My office is filled with inspiration andfunction. My Buddha bookends + yoga dog calendar always make me happy, even on a stormy day. You can usually find magazines on their way to the gym and a Starbucks Mocha (decaf of course).

The infamous List. I can’t function without it. This champagne cork is from the first day we moved into the office.

My motivation comes in the form of a pen cup. Just a little reminder that I want to look (and feel) hot in that little bikini next month.  Don’t you just love this carved stone box I got from Home Goods? Gotta love that place. This bracelet is one of my personal favorite designs from Clearance Charms, you’ve probably seen it before!



One Comment to “Behind the Scenes: On My Desk”

  1. Great space; so tidy too. I can’t live without fresh flowers, even if it is just one bloom. Right now I have a big bouquet of daffodils from my garden on my desk. They are so bright and fresh, you can’t be in a bad mood just looking at them.

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