The Bead Loving Family Grows!

by ClearanceCharms

Every once in a while we get a review that is so sweet and sincere that we just have to share.  The following email from Cheryl really warmed our hearts!  We’re always striving to delight our ladies and it sounds like we hit it out of the park!  So glad you’ve found us, Cheryl!  Thanks for writing in!

A few months ago I was given a gift of a genuine “Pandora bracelet”, two sunburst clips and my first daisy charm, at a total price of $160.00 which shocked me.  I loved the look of the charms and the compliments I had received, but one charm and two clips is a beginning, not a proper bracelet.  
So for mother’s day and my birthday, my grown children dutifully got me a few other Pandora charms, and my sister even bought a “Zable” style charm to try and help me fill the bracelet to a respectable amount of charms.  However, the prices they paid were ridiculous.  While I desperately wanted more beads, there was no way I could financially afford to lay out that kind of money.  THEN I discovered your site.

At first I was worried, as everyone always cautions you about buying anything over the Internet, but I decided to give it a try.  Best decision I ever made!   The beads were ordered Saturday evening and arrived that following Wednesday afternoon.  Fast Service!
While I was nervous about the quality- I should not have been, the beads are everything you advertise, if not more.  My new beads are equal to, if not better quality than the “name brand” beads already purchased.  
I am now a customer for life and will be referring all of my family and friends to your site.  And you are an American based- here in the United States business- definitely a plus!!!

Cheryl H


2 Comments to “The Bead Loving Family Grows!”

  1. I must say that I agree with the comments made by Cheryl H. I have given many of these beads away as gifts and everyone is so excited to get a “Pandora” bead for their special occasion. When I tell them that is not Pandora, they are amazed and when they hear the price and look at the quality of it, they are thrilled. I have had people stop me and ask where I have bought my beads from. Thanks so much for your web site and the great service and product you supply. Glenda H

  2. Me too Cheryl. I love, love, love New Dreamz. I dscovered them from their Facebook ad. It was the best decision regarding jewelry that I have ever made also. The time from when my order is placed until the time it comes through my door is approx 3-4 days depending if a week-end is involved. The customer service is tops-hi Valerie. The merchandise quality can’t be beat. My husband started me with a bracelet and 1 love bead from Kay Jewelers. The quality was just fine but when we went to purchase another bead, whoa, the prices were sky high. I even replaced their bracelet with one from New Dreamz because it’s so hard to work a lobster claw clasp with one hand and beads rolling while you’re trying to hook the 2 ends together. I can hook a New Dreamz bracelet by myself. Now I don’t have to wait for my daughter to visit. My husband gave up along time ago on trying to put a bracelet on me. As I said, I can do it myself now. Thank you New Dreamz. Elizabeth DeCarlo.

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