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May 13, 2013

Crystal Charms Add Beauty and Glamour to Any Charm Bracelet

by ClearanceCharms

Fashionistas love the appeal of wearing charm bracelets, and there’s nothing better than adding the brilliance of a sparkling crystal charm to an otherwise subdued bracelet. A crystal centerpiece sparkles like a genuine gemstone and enhances the appearance of daily apparel and accessories. We have a large selection of outstanding individual crystal charms. They can be used as a central focal point or for use among other stones and beads for an outstanding one-of-a-kind dazzling piece of jewelry. We proudly offer the latest elegantly-styled faceted crystal designs.

These days, charm bracelets are extremely popular, and there are few better ways to make them stand out than with a beautiful and sparkling charm. Regardless of the number of charms or types of charms you currently have on your Pandora bracelet (or a similar type of charm bracelet), there’s always room for a stunning crystal charm – especially when it’s affordably priced.

Our selection of glittering crystal charms is so alluring and eye catching that you’ll want to purchase more than one charm. The crystals are designed to be compatible with the top name brands of exclusive bracelets like Biagi, Pandora, Camilia, and Troll – or to be worn independently. We hand select our crystals and are continuously adding fresh crystals to our category lines. We also offer special discounts as our designer crystal pieces are retired.

Our faceted crystal charms capture both indoor and outdoor lighting in an eye-catching manner and reflect in an explosion of sparkling light. They are beautiful to see and even more delightful to wear. The pleasure derived from wearing a superb piece of jewelry accented with an exquisite crystal is a display of personal pride, so be sure to browse our complete selection of crystal charms to find the ones that you want to add to your charm bracelet.

May 1, 2013

Clearance Pandora Charms are Affordable and In Style

by ClearanceCharms

For fashionable females looking to add a few beautiful and unique charms to their bracelets, we are proud to offer a great selection of affordable clearance Pandora charms that fit a wide array of charm bracelets by companies like Pandora, Chamilia, Troll, and Biagi.

Because the craze of these lovely charm bracelets is still in full force, a designer can take advantage of greatly reduced prices on these popular Pandora style charms and still turn a profit. A number of designer charms are available, with some featuring durable sterling silver or silver plating and others embellished with fine crystals. Because we are constantly updating our inventory of clearance charms, it’s worth checking back often if you’re looking for specific pieces. Whether you’re a designer looking to buy and re-sell or just an individual who wants some fun new charms, we have something in stock for you.

Popular charms in our inventory include barrel beads encrusted with crystals and sporting a graceful flower motif, intricate abstract designs set with pink and blue crystals, animal motifs, hearts, and even bejeweled purses. For designers, our charms are priced for affordability – the charms will inject a bit of fun into your creations and keep costs low so you can sell your pieces at an attractive price. Embellish a dressier bracelet with a sparkling floral barrel bead, or add intrigue to a simple design with an intricately designed focal bead. These clearance Pandora charms are just like actual Pandora charms, but at much more affordable prices. They’re the perfect way to add elegance, distinction and personality to your creations while sticking to your inventory budget.

Whether you are a beginning designer or one with a few years of experience, our charms allow you to experiment with creative new designs in a cost-effective way. For those shopping for their own personal needs, we have plenty of Pandora style charms that can add intriguing accents to tried-and-true pieces.

Browse our extensive selection of clearance charms today to stock up on pieces for your inventory or jewelry box. Some charms are priced as low as $0.99 each, and most can be had for under $5.00!

June 22, 2012

Fall in Love Friday: Colossal Crystal Charms

by ClearanceCharms

We’ve just added a new collection of brilliantly sparkling Colossal Crystal Charms.  At about twice the width of an ordinary charm, these sparkling beauties will really stand out on your bracelet!

Visit the entire collection here: Colossal Crystal Charms

October 11, 2011

300th Post

by ClearanceCharms

It’s been a wonderful first year of behind the scenes blogging at Oh So Charming!  We’re so tickled that to have just published our 300th post!  We are eager to keep the fun, tips, and insider promotions coming.  Please be sure to let us know if there is something you want to learn more about or see more of.

Let’s have a beautiful holiday season,  Thanks for joining us for the ride y’all!


August 19, 2011

When Size Matters

by ClearanceCharms

Another week has come and gone.   Fall leaves and sharpened pencils are just around the corner.  And don’t be alarmed, but holiday festivities won’t be far behind.  As I cling for dear life to these last few glorious summer days, I can’t help but remember how quickly the holiday season flew by – just like these too short summer months.

In an effort to be ahead of the game this year, I’m already scheming away for the perfect gifts.  No last minute gift cards from me this year, no siree!  For all the ladies in my life, the answer is obvious; beads are highly gift-able.  For those woefully behind friends and family that are late to the beautiful world of charms, personalized “starter” bracelets are a lovely thought.

And of course, for ladies who already have beautiful designs, I’m starting to subtly discern what would fit well on their bracelet.  What charm do they need to balance that beautiful Faceted Crystal, for instance?  We are often asked questions regarding charm sizing.  For example,

How big is the Aqua Crystal Charm compared to the Pink Freshwater Pearl?

To help you determine how the size of a potential charm will work with your current design, we are adding exact measurements for every item to each product description.  You can see these measurements when you click on a particular charm and read the Product Description.  But sometimes relativity is key.  Below are a few images that display size differences among our most popular categories.  We hope this helps you determine which piece is best for you!

Our most popular Crystal Charms in various shapes & sizes…


In the mood to dangle?


The Silver Lining…

Can you see the difference between the Small & Large CZ Charms?

See how our most popular shapes shape up…

Don’t forget the Arm Candy…

Sizing General Rules of Thumb:

  • Fimo Clay Charms & Semi-Precious Stones are the largest in width.
  • Designer Glass Charms are usually larger than standard Murano Glass Charms
  • Large CZ Charms have bigger stones than Small CZ Charms
  • Spacers are skinny!
  • Swarovski Crystal Charms are about the same size as Murano Glass Charms
  • Signature Charms are on the whole a bit larger than the rest of the collection.
  • Faceted Crystal Charms & Faceted CZ Charms are about the same size but Faceted Crystals are much lighter than CZs

And when all else fails, just ask!! We are happy to tell you specifically how one bead stacks up next to another!

August 5, 2011

Wishes & Whimsy

by ClearanceCharms

This Friday afternoon we encourage you to add a little whimsy to your weekend.  Embrace your days with childlike enthusiasm to make the most of your days off or new projects.

What are you wishing for?

July 1, 2011

Question of the Week: Are you Pandora or do you sell Pandora?

by ClearanceCharms

 I have a Pandora bracelet and was wondering if you sell Pandora charms or if your charms will fit on my bracelet?

This is a very common question that we hear from many of our first time buyers.

No we are not Pandora, we are Clearance Charms. We design, manufacture and distribute our own unique line of charms and beads. Our products fit Pandora, Troll, Biagi, and Chamillia. We use all the same fine materials that our competitors use including solid .925 sterling silver, hand blown murano glass, crystals, 24K gold vermeil, fimo clay, handcrafted shell and wood beads. 

Our materials and craftsmanship rival the other popular European style bracelet companies.  Since we are the manufacturers, you are buying direct. Eliminating the middle man which is why we can offer you such a high quality product for a superb value.


Here are a few fun facts:

We are comparable and compatible to Pandora, Chamillia, Troll, and Biagi.

On average our beads are 8X13mm in diameter.

Our beads and charms slide onto the bracelet, they do not screw on.


All of our beads are handcrafted.

We are an online retailer only. At this point in time we do not have retail locations or brochures.

We are headquartered in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida


June 24, 2011

Question of the Week: How to Clean your Charms

by ClearanceCharms

Some of my charms have gotten dirty since I have been wearing my bracelet so much. How do I make them sparkle like when I first got them?

As with everything else you hold dear, your jewelry needs regular tender loving care too.  As a general rule of thumb, treat your charms with as much care as you would any other piece of fine jewelry in your collection.

For cleaning, simply use lukewarm soapy water with a soft toothbrush to very gently scrub the jewelry. Then rinse it off in clean water. To remove caked on dirt, let your jewelry soak in lukewarm soapy water for up to ten minutes. Gently scrub then rinse in clean water.

Remember to never expose your jewelry that has been oxidized to harsh chemicals that can alter the appearance of your product. These chemicals include, but are not limited to; liquid silver polish, hot tubs, pools, and spas.

We also suggest using one of our great polishing cloths, specially formulated for European charm bracelets.  To keep your charms glistening like the very first day you got them, give them a good rub down with your polishing cloth once a week.  After all, what woman doesn’t want to sparkle?


June 17, 2011

Question of the Week: The Difference Between a Lock, Spacer, and Stopper

by ClearanceCharms


I need something to keep the beads in place on my bracelet, but I am not sure what to get – a lock, spacer, or stopper. What do you suggest?

This is a great question and a very popular one. First you need to know the purpose of each one of the these useful beads. Then it will be easier to see which item fits your needs the best.

A lock opens and closes like a clasp and will keep your beads from falling off the end of your bracelet. Locks move freely along your bracelet like other beads and do not hold your beads in place like a stopper. We have numerous different shapes and styles that are easy to use. They come in Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil, and Two Tone. Check them out!

Spacers are decorative and small in width. They are used to accentuate certain charms. For example many people like to accentuate the center bead on their bracelet by placing a spacer on either side of the central bead. They are also great to use throughout your bracelet to add some dimension. We have a huge collection of spacers in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. We carry sterling silver, CZ, cloisonné, and enamel spacers. You can peruse our entire collection of spacers by clicking here. Our stoppers come in a variety of designs and colors, in solid .925 silver and 24k gold. They have a silicone core that fits very snugly to your bracelet. They are more difficult to get on initially. Our suggested technique is to twist the stopper while pushing it over the tip of your bracelet. After you succeed at getting your stopper on the first time it is much easier to get on and take off. A stopper’s purpose is to hold your charms in place once on your bracelet. They can be used to separate sections, keep charms in the center of your bracelet. They can also keep your charms from falling off the end of your bracelet when taking it off and putting it on, like a lock.  In any use, they’re an elegant edition to your bracelet that are as beautiful as they are effective. You can view our entire collection of Stoppers by clicking the link here or you can visit Stoppers pictured: Beaded Gold Stopper 50796, Silver Cloud Silver Stopper 60551, Banded Silver and Gold Stopper 50889 As you can see, there are many different uses and options in terms of aesthetic appearance for these great tools. There is something for everyone and every bracelet, it just depends on what function you are looking for.

June 10, 2011

Question of the Week: Starting a Bracelet Design

by ClearanceCharms

A very popular question, indeed! It can be difficult to buy charms that will coordinate without having the ability to compare them in person, however with this guide you should be able to do so with ease!

Some Starting Points:

In order to obtain a full bracelet without spending a great deal once is to slowly build your bracelet, starting with a few good base beads that will look great on their own as your bracelet grows.

The key to creating a solid design is to have an inspiration or idea as the foundation. For example, I have chosen the culture of Morocco as a design idea; everything from food to art is exquisitely rich in color and texture. I prefer darker colors, so I will choose charms that acknowledge the Moroccan feel, but also express my style.

My Inspiration Board

Step One:

If you already have a theme or central beads in mind for your bracelet, run with it! I chose the Blue Sandstone charm as the center charm because I want darker tones that still sparkle. I surrounded it with two Freshwater Pearls to add color and then finished off my base design with the new  Mosaic Shell charms that evoke the Moroccan feel I want to capture. I now have a set of beads that can transition beautifully as I add more charms.


Step One Total: $140.94 (if you have already purchased a bracelet, the total is $100.95)

Step Two:

Do not stress about buying charms in the exact order you want them on the bracelet; that’s the beauty of charms, you can change up the design anytime you want! Instead, buy charms you want on your bracelet the most, because some of our popular items can sell out fast! I added Frosted Coil Murano beads next to break up the dark hues, then opted for more Mosaic Shell charms in the Hope design and Wish design since I am absolutely in love with them! I decided that I needed a bit more sparkle, so I chose the Pewter Crystal charms to finish off my second round of beads!

Step Two Total: $103.94 (Total costs thus far: $244.88)

Step Three:

Fill in the blanks! Add in beads and charms that suit your theme and style to fill up the bracelet. The design seemed to be in need of silver, so I added a few pieces for a little more shine. For my last charms, I focused on adding more color to take the bracelet from dull to Moroccan fabulous! I added two more  Freshwater Pearls ) and finished the bracelet off with Semi Precious Jade charms to complement the shades of gray and magenta.

Step Three Total: $181.90 (Total cost of bracelet: $426.78)

After some adjusting, I have all the charms arranged in a design that is both gorgeous, and a reflexion of my personality and style. Keep in mind that I used more expensive items on my bracelet, but you can easily make a gorgeous design for much cheaper. If you prefer the more pricey items, just purchase fewer items per order! Take your time and have fun with your bracelet and make sure it illustrates your style and personality. Remember, the beads don’t have to match perfectly, they just need to go together. Have fun and enjoy!

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