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June 12, 2012

Arm Party Style

by ClearanceCharms

It’s no secret that we loooove an arm party at Clearance Charms.  Whether it’s stacking charm bracelets, Shamballa bracelets or Friendship bracelets – you can’t go wrong!  Mix in your favorite watch, cuff or bangle and you’ll have a look that will be the hit of any party!

Here are some of our favorite arm parties on some very stylish celebrities – from Olivia Palermo to Justin Bieber!.  Share yours with us and you could win a prize!



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November 30, 2011

Holiday Wish & Win – First Winner Announced!

by ClearanceCharms

If you haven’t already been swept up in the holiday fever, now is your moment!  We’ve brought back our Wish & Win contest and the first winner is…

Bonnie Reynolds!

August 5, 2011

Wishes & Whimsy

by ClearanceCharms

This Friday afternoon we encourage you to add a little whimsy to your weekend.  Embrace your days with childlike enthusiasm to make the most of your days off or new projects.

What are you wishing for?

May 13, 2011

A Champagne Night

by ClearanceCharms

Break out the Bubbles!

Our newly redesigned website just went live!

We hope you enjoy the gorgeous new design and love all our fantastic new features! Explore every nook and cranny and tell us what you think – we can’t wait to hear!

Please keep in mind that in the first few days we might be working out some kinks so don’t fret, give us a call if you help with anything at all!   Cheers! xoxo

Check out the changes at

Remember to use code CandyShop for $5 off your first order.

(800) 409 – 1772

Toast with us with our collection of Champagne Charms… (click here to find all our champagne charms)


February 28, 2011

I’m in ♥ with cherry blossoms…

by ClearanceCharms

Spring has definitely sprung in Vero Beach.  I’ve always been a sucker for Cherry Blossom trees; but lately every way you look, you’re greeted by these gorgeous, romantic and simply delightful blooms.  With such a beautiful scene in every direction, you simply can’t help but be cheerful. 


With that cheeriness in mind,

please enjoy $5 off your order

of thirty dollars or more

with promotion code BLOSSOM11.




February 10, 2011

Last Chance for Love

by ClearanceCharms

There’s still time for Valentine’s Day Delivery! 

Order today by 2pm and choose Priority Shipping for free expedited delivery!You can also order up until tomorrow by 2pm with Express Shipping!

Enjoy a sweet treat from Clearance Charms and take an additional $5 off with promo code KISSES2011 at checkout.

February 8, 2011

Thank You

by ClearanceCharms

Normally Monday wins the prize for crazy, frantic, manic madness.  This week it looks like Tuesday will win that trophy.  We’re seeing a huge rush for Valentine’s Day orders (get ready ladies – your hubbies are going to treat you well!) and of course all the big changes in our bubble are happening at the same time.  Here’s what’s going on over here…

In the next few weeks you’ll see every single item on our site — yes, all 1700 of them — rephotographed to capture the ultimate in gorgeousness.  The majority of which is complete, thank goodness, one more category to go!!  And of course all that work has a purpose; it’s being done to further enhance the absolutely breathtaking new website we’ve designed for your enjoyment and use! 

You heard it here first, we have a new website launching in a few short weeks!  Stay tuned for sneak peaks of what the site will look like and insights on all the new ah-maaaaazing features you’ll get to play with!  Trust me, it’s incredible. 

On top of that massive project, we are the ever-expanding company and have two new members to our staff this week!  Expanding the workforce is so helpful and a great relief, but of course now we’re running out of room to put all these lovely girls!  So on that note… We’re Moving!  It’s a good thing all the staff members get along because you sure have to get friendly when quarters are cramped.  But soon they’ll have all the elbow room they could ever desire!  We’ll keep you current and take you with us as we move our headquarters across town – I’m sure the 3 mile trip will be an interesting one!

With all this sheer madness happening from dawn til dusk, it’s easy to get carried away.  Today we had some particularly large hurdles to cross.  But just when I thought the weight of it all was too much to bare, your positive emails came flooding in.  I don’t know if there’s just Love in the air or if somehow magically our lovely NewDreamz family members knew we needed some encouragement, but right at the toughest moments… there you were. 

So instead of diving for the chocolates, our team got to read email after email & hear call after call of wonderfully sweet messages from our dear friends.  You have no idea what that does for your motivation on a day like today.  We’re all so blessed to work somewhere that our customers truly appreciate our efforts and adore our products.  I for one feel like the luckiest girl in the world and just wanted to say…

January 31, 2011

Introducing: Glamorous Giveaways

by ClearanceCharms

To thank you for joining our brand new blog, we’d love to offer you an exclusive promotion just for our followers!

Please enjoy $2 off an order of any size by entering the promo code BlogLove at checkout.  Remember that as always clearance items are excluded from promos and other offers. Check daily for exclusive blog follower offers, we love to delight!

Thank you for joining us!!

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