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February 14, 2012

A Valentine DIY

by ClearanceCharms

This Valentine’s Day I thought I would do something a little more personal for my Mister. Not usually one to take on crafty projects, I was uber inspired by two sweet DIYs I stumbled upon on Pinterest. (Don’t you just love that place?) I decided to take my project a little bit further and combine the two projects, so here’s my take on this lovely idea. I hope you enjoy!

Step One: Think about the places that are important to you and your hunnie and select a frame size. I want to use four hearts, so I chose this beautiful 12×12 “Stacked Frame” from Etsy vendor Rusty Mill. Depending on how many keys/hearts/locations you want to use, your size can vary. I found that four locations also works well in an 8×10 but I wanted to use larger hearts.

Step Two: Layout your frame. I have four homes that I want to include so I tested a few different sizes of heart cutouts for my layout and picked my favorites. I googled “heart clip art” and found a shape that I prefer and printed it in various sizes – 3×5, 4×6, 5×7 and then I ended up shrinking the 5×7 one just slightly to make my perfect ♥.

Step Three: Fill your hearts! I love the map cutouts from my inspirational photo but I wanted to be a bit more personal. I printed 5×7 photos of each of our four homes. No need for glossy photo paper, I want them to look more vintage-esque.

Step Four: Cut out your ♥s. I traced my perfectly adorable heart clip art over my four printed pictures then grabbed my scissors.

Step Five: Glue your heart cutouts to a background sheet, colored stock paper welcome! I used a natural canvas scrapbook background (12×12 – perfect!) and 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive. (That stuff is the jam. Extra sticky, works with every fabric/surface and doesn’t glue me to my desk.) Then write your cute little descriptions underneath each heart.

Step Six: Glue the keys to the corresponding homes right on top of the photo hearts. Use a super strong glue so you don’t have to use a lot of liquid and ruin the photos. I used the 3M spray for this as well but if I was at home I would have used tiny dabs of Crazy Glue to be tidier.

And we’re done! So excited to hang this in our new home. Enjoy!

Notes: My polish color is Turqoise & Caicos by Essie.

And yes, these are iPhone photos – left my camera at home!

I LOVE my distressed frame from Rusty Mill; but I’m ordering it in a brushed white instead since the finished product is a little more aqua than anticipated and my home’s walls are a stealy blue. However, this aqua one will look beautiful with a snapshot of our beachside adventures!

Our wall color is Autumn Fog by Valspar.

November 15, 2011

How To: Use Slide Bracelets

by ClearanceCharms

Our gorgeous slide bracelets are a perfect gift for the upcoming holidays! They are adjustable and will fit any sized wrist. The bracelets can be a bit tricky at first, however with the guide below on how to properly open and close them,  you will learn to adjust them with ease!

Step 1:

Grasp the bracelet with both hands where the stones or crystals end on each side. 

Step 2:

Pull the two sides away from each other; your bracelet will slide open.

Step 3:

Place your wrist inside the bracelet.

Step 4:

Grasp the two dangling ends.

Step 5:

Pull the two dangling ends of the cord in opposite directions until the bracelet is as tight as you wish.


Enjoy our wide variety of slide bracelets and shamballas! Happy shopping!

November 10, 2011

Holiday Party Attire

by ClearanceCharms

The holiday season is the best time of year for so many reasons – coming together with friends and family, giving gifts, and of course holiday parties! The biggest question of the season other than what presents to buy is what to wear to all the fabulous events! Since most would rather spend money on gifts than splurge on a new outfit, below are a few tips on how to create a holiday inspired look straight from your closet!

Some parties require little effort – for instance when dressing for an office party during or after hours, dress in something you would normally wear to work, but in holiday colors. A crimson sheath dress with a cardigan or shawl would be office party perfection. For a tacky sweater party – the dress attire is given, so go to your local thrift store and find the tackiest of tacky sweaters and just have fun with it!

For more formal occasions, try heavier fabrics in rich seasonal colors, such as a dark taffeta or velvet and don’t forget about sequins – an absolute must for the holiday. Layering is key! Layering will help keep you warm to and from the events without weighing you down once you arrive. Pair tights and a cardigan with your ensemble and winter coat – if you begin to get hot, you can remove layers, and if you are cold, you won’t have to wear a heavy jacket during the party to keep warm.

The key is to go with the flow while being functional and chic. If your significant other’s family spends Christmas morning in PJ’s, don’t show up in a cocktail dress – join in and wear red flannel or satin pajamas to be both festive and comfortable.

Remember that it is not about what you wear or how you look, the holidays are about being around those you love the most – the ones who have seen you in a sweatshirt and scrunchie before so don’t stress! Have fun and enjoy the company surrounding you! Happy holiday season!

(photo credit: Kate Spade New York –
November 7, 2011

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

by ClearanceCharms

As the air fills with a crisp chill and a steady feeling of fall settles over the evenings, we are drawn to the winter section in our closets that has been neglected for months and months. Finally, it is coat season!

Coats, jackets, cardigans – anything you can layer during the colder seasons are perfect for both warmth and style. Yes, you can look cute and be warm! Forego the oversized ski parkas for coats that are cute, functional, and reflect your individuality.

Traditionalist – Go for a classic wool pea coat or trench with clean lines.



Edgy – It’s all about the leather jacket over layers. Go biker chic with studs!

Trendsetter – Whether you prefer real or faux, fur is the way to go this season.


A great patterned coat can add some flair to any bland winter ensemble as well. Pair your coats with warm accessories such as oversized scarves and gloves and you’re more than ready to brave those harsh winter mornings while looking simply fabulous!

Don’t forget to donate your old coats to those in need! Whether to Goodwill, One Warm Coat, or any of the other amazing charities out there – let’s keep everyone warm this winter! Go online to find a coat drive near you.

(photo credit: tumblr and weheartit)
October 28, 2011

Question of the Week: Do you have a Catalog

by ClearanceCharms

Question of the Week:

 I’d love to browse your site while sitting out on the porch, do you have a catalog you can send me?

This is a question we often receive from customers eager to browse our selection without having to connect to the internet.

At this time, we do not offer a catalog mailer – our inventory is constantly expanding and it would be most difficult to keep our customers up-to-date on our latest products, and we know how much you love to hear about our new items and deals! For the benefit of our clients, all of our in-stock merchandise is listed by category on so it may be updated as soon as we receive new products.

If you are concerned you are not viewing the full collection because you are unable to locate certain items, do not fear! Once our items go out of stock, they are removed from the website temporarily until they are restocked. Since we do not offer a backorder option, we recommend checking back weekly for particular items you are searching for. Remember that our popular items sell fast, especially during our amazing sales, so make sure and snatch them up before someone else does!

Our merchandise is conveniently set up by category to allow our customers to browse and search for items with ease.

If you have any questions or concerns about any items in particular, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-409-1772 or through email at  Stay Charming!

October 21, 2011

Question of the Week – How to Stay Connected

by ClearanceCharms


How can I stay connected and be the first to find out about sales and new products?

A top priority for us here at Clearance Charms is maintaining a close relationship with our amazing customers. We are constantly exploring new options to keep our clients as informed as possible about sales events, new products, and giving a behind the scenes look at what we’re all about. We currently have a number of social outlets that we hope you will enjoy.

Our most popular form of communication is through our email campaign. When you are on the Clearance Charms, a small tab will appear on the far right side of your page that says “Deals and Specials”  Click him!


If you would like to receive notifications via email, simply type in your email and hit submit. A new page will open and you will be prompted to choose how often you would like to receive emails, your name, and if you would prefer to have promotions sent to your phone via text. Fill in the appropriate information and hit ‘Join.’ Please note that signing up for the email campaign will not create an account, for information on setting up an account, please click here.

For all you social media junkies, we’re right there with you! Clearance Charms can be found on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!

facebook instagram confetti pinterest twitter bird

Whether you utilize one or all of our media sources, we hope you find them both informative and fun!

October 14, 2011

Question of the Week: How to Avoid Tarnish

by ClearanceCharms

As we all know, sterling silver can tarnish for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember that this is very common; it is not related to the quality of the silver or the care given to the silver. Even if you take excellent care of your charms, there is still a chance that they will tarnish somewhat due to outside influences. Humidity, chemicals in the air, and body products can cause tarnish to progress.

Though silver can be cleaned with a bit of work, it is far easier to prevent the problem than fix it. Do not fear – we have the inside scoop on a few remedies personally used by some of the Clearance Charms staff.

Be conscious of the products you apply to your skin, such as perfume and lotion. Body products can affect the chemistry of the metal so be sure to let them dry and sink into your skin before putting on jewelry.  Also, wipe down your charms with a cloth after wear to cut down on build up.

Make sure your jewelry is kept in a closed space such as a jewelry box to lessen the exposure to the air. If you do not have a jewelry box, a plastic bin or Ziploc bag will work as well. Do not use cardboard as it can actually encourage tarnish.

For humidity, add pieces of chalk or silica gel (small packet that comes in shoe boxes, etc.) in with your jewelry – they will draw out moisture and chemicals in the air which affect the silver negatively.

If your charms have tarnished, be sure to read our blog on How to Clean Your Charms or try our European Polishing Cloth. Be aware that some charms have an antiquing process on them to provide a particular look or to highlight detail – don’t fret, it is not tarnish.

We hope that these few tips will keep your charms beautiful and tarnish free! If you have any additional quirky tips, please let us know!

(Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton Travel Jewelry Case)
October 12, 2011

Bunny Kisses

by ClearanceCharms

Take your cue today from one chic little bunny and be spot on trend with color blocking.  This look from Gucci is from Spring/Summer 2011 but the colors will translate beautifully into this lovely crisp fall.  Add a little more color for your wrist from NewDreamz with a bangle or completed design.

(hint: see our last post for a How-To on wearing multiple bracelets as once.  A perfect trend to use with color blocking!)

Credit: Fifi Lapin herself and Camilla Belle color blocking their hearts out in Gucci S/S 2011

October 12, 2011

How to: Wear Multiple Bracelets

by ClearanceCharms

What’s the hot new trend popping up on the runway from New York to Milan? Arm candy! Stacked bracelets are the perfect accessory to bring a unique energy to your style. Whether you have an eclectic style or are more of a traditionalist, this fun new trend can be tailor made to fit your favorite look.

To perfect the art of stacking, take some of your favorite bracelets in varying sizes and styles and begin layering. Remember – the bracelets don’t need to match perfectly, they simply need to coordinate. If you prefer a more subdued look, choose bracelets that have similar shades as those in your ensemble; they will add an extra element without being distracting.

If you’re feeling bold, throw on multicolored bracelets that contrast the colors in your outfit – just keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard. One arm of statement bracelets is perfection; however both arms full may overpower you and your wardrobe. My personal favorite is mixing textures, such as Lucite and leather, in more neutral tones, and then throwing in a few pops of color.


Whichever way you wear them, wear them with confidence! Look and feel great while being oh so stylish.

October 5, 2011

Wear Orange (Without Looking Like a Pumpkin)

by ClearanceCharms

And so the holiday season begins! Fall marks the first glimmer of festive lawn decor and seasonal activities.  The best way to show your holiday cheer is to dress for the occasion. While some opt for more direct ways (i.e. holiday sweaters), we at Clearance Charms prefer a more subtle approach to celebrating fall and Halloween through our attire.

A perfect color to wear for fall is orange. Some of you may have a fear of this color and think that you cannot pull off such a bold color – rest assured, you can! Orange has a wide range of shades, varying from deep rust to tangerine. There are orange hues suitable for all skin tones and styles.

A great way to incorporate orange is to use it as an accent color. A simple pop of color can turn any drab ensemble into a fabulous, individualized outfit. Add an orange accessory, such as a bracelet or handbag, to a muted outfit for a festive flare. Try to stay away from pairing a brighter orange with black or green however, to avoid a Halloween themed look.

If you want to go all out with orange, make sure the hue does not have to compete for attention – it should be the focal color of your attire. For work and weekend ensembles, keep accessories simple; a great nude heel or a brown boot is the perfect pairing for a rich orange shade. For an evening look, pair a muted orange with a great metallic for a formal yet fun feel.

We hope this has given you some helpful hints for your fall wardrobe. Be festive, be bold, and be chic. Happy October!

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