Lindsey’s bracelet design takes inspiration from her favorite things… a breathtakingly romantic beach wedding, birds chasing the waves on Isle of Palms, a daily affirmation in gorgeous script, a dashing beauty in a confection of a gown… Drawing from these gorgeous images and emotions, she finds herself in NewDreamz completed bracelet Sea Mist #DB123.

Credit: 1.Vue Photography, 2.Billy Simon, 3.NewDreamz DB123 Sea Mist, 4.two images c/o ThisIsGlamorous, 5.National Weather Society 6. Amazing Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps. 7. Hermes

lovely purple walls Pictures, Images and Photos

A delicate mix of feminine beauty and bold hues lends inspiration to Katie’s current favorite, Starry Night #DB100. Set on a leather bracelet, her charms instill a since of whimsy and magic into everyone she greets.
Credit: 1. Dan Duchars purple walls photo, 2. Picasa peony,3. NewDreamz Starry Night DB100

Ashley’s vibrant bracelet comes from a stunning collection of inspirational images.
Credit: 1. Glitter shoes from 2. Fashion cupcakes shot by Swedish photographer Therese Aldgard and styled by Lisa Edsalv. 3. Image from Harper’s Bazaar. 4. Image from 5. Her personally designed bracelet from NewDreamz.


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