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May 13, 2013

Crystal Charms Add Beauty and Glamour to Any Charm Bracelet

by ClearanceCharms

Fashionistas love the appeal of wearing charm bracelets, and there’s nothing better than adding the brilliance of a sparkling crystal charm to an otherwise subdued bracelet. A crystal centerpiece sparkles like a genuine gemstone and enhances the appearance of daily apparel and accessories. We have a large selection of outstanding individual crystal charms. They can be used as a central focal point or for use among other stones and beads for an outstanding one-of-a-kind dazzling piece of jewelry. We proudly offer the latest elegantly-styled faceted crystal designs.

These days, charm bracelets are extremely popular, and there are few better ways to make them stand out than with a beautiful and sparkling charm. Regardless of the number of charms or types of charms you currently have on your Pandora bracelet (or a similar type of charm bracelet), there’s always room for a stunning crystal charm – especially when it’s affordably priced.

Our selection of glittering crystal charms is so alluring and eye catching that you’ll want to purchase more than one charm. The crystals are designed to be compatible with the top name brands of exclusive bracelets like Biagi, Pandora, Camilia, and Troll – or to be worn independently. We hand select our crystals and are continuously adding fresh crystals to our category lines. We also offer special discounts as our designer crystal pieces are retired.

Our faceted crystal charms capture both indoor and outdoor lighting in an eye-catching manner and reflect in an explosion of sparkling light. They are beautiful to see and even more delightful to wear. The pleasure derived from wearing a superb piece of jewelry accented with an exquisite crystal is a display of personal pride, so be sure to browse our complete selection of crystal charms to find the ones that you want to add to your charm bracelet.

September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day | Doing the impossible every day

by ClearanceCharms

If you’re asking about what can be accomplished with a little willpower, I’ll be the first to tell you that a woman can acheive anything she sets her sights on.  I’ve never been more impressed by the extreme multi-tasking of hard working women than this year.  I am in complete awe of those juggling (with perceived ease I might add) babies, puppies, executive roles and traditional household roles.

It seems that we really can have it all – and do it all too!

One might call me a confused feminist; I expect the door to be held, but it’ll be a cold day in Charleston before I’m going to let anyone tell me there’s something I can’t accomplish.  I’m just tickled pink to find like-minded women from Sarasota to San Francisco who are breaking boundaries and pushing through glass ceilings.  Perhaps we owe it all to Rosie the Riveter.

There is room to be feminine and strong.  Supported and free-thinking.  Soft and bold.  Lace and leather.

You no longer have to be one or the other.  It is my humble opinion that the most attractive woman is the one who knows how to combine her feminine charms and head for business into one total bombshell package.  That’s a woman we all want to get to know.  And lucky for us, she seems to be joining the party very fashionably everywhere.

And thankfully, one of the most effective ways to express your confidence and ability is through fashion.  It takes a well defined sense of self to develop a wardrobe that’s punctuated with personality.  I, for instance, feel my most fierce in a pair of 5 inch spiked heels paired with an elegantly contrasting bracelet full of Swarovski Crystal Charms.  On the other hand,  you might feel uber capable in a gorgeous pair of Ferragamo flats and a fuss-less lucite bangle.

However different our styles of dress may be, the outcome should be the same: our clothing and accessories should convey a message.  I urge you to make that message one of confidence and capability.  And even if you’re hesitant about that new leather skirt & statement Bubble Necklace you just got for fall, remember the number one rule in fashion…

Fake it til you make it.



Credit: 1. Olivia Wilde wearing a Marchesa gown & Christian Louboutin heels at the 68th Golden Globe Awards, 2.Rosie the Riveter,  3.Christian Louboutin heels,   4. Clearance Charms office with Alice + Olivia booties & wall quote from Walt Disney

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