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June 21, 2012

The Bead Loving Family Grows!

by ClearanceCharms

Every once in a while we get a review that is so sweet and sincere that we just have to share.  The following email from Cheryl really warmed our hearts!  We’re always striving to delight our ladies and it sounds like we hit it out of the park!  So glad you’ve found us, Cheryl!  Thanks for writing in!

A few months ago I was given a gift of a genuine “Pandora bracelet”, two sunburst clips and my first daisy charm, at a total price of $160.00 which shocked me.  I loved the look of the charms and the compliments I had received, but one charm and two clips is a beginning, not a proper bracelet.  
So for mother’s day and my birthday, my grown children dutifully got me a few other Pandora charms, and my sister even bought a “Zable” style charm to try and help me fill the bracelet to a respectable amount of charms.  However, the prices they paid were ridiculous.  While I desperately wanted more beads, there was no way I could financially afford to lay out that kind of money.  THEN I discovered your site.

At first I was worried, as everyone always cautions you about buying anything over the Internet, but I decided to give it a try.  Best decision I ever made!   The beads were ordered Saturday evening and arrived that following Wednesday afternoon.  Fast Service!
While I was nervous about the quality- I should not have been, the beads are everything you advertise, if not more.  My new beads are equal to, if not better quality than the “name brand” beads already purchased.  
I am now a customer for life and will be referring all of my family and friends to your site.  And you are an American based- here in the United States business- definitely a plus!!!

Cheryl H

June 10, 2011

Question of the Week: Starting a Bracelet Design

by ClearanceCharms

A very popular question, indeed! It can be difficult to buy charms that will coordinate without having the ability to compare them in person, however with this guide you should be able to do so with ease!

Some Starting Points:

In order to obtain a full bracelet without spending a great deal once is to slowly build your bracelet, starting with a few good base beads that will look great on their own as your bracelet grows.

The key to creating a solid design is to have an inspiration or idea as the foundation. For example, I have chosen the culture of Morocco as a design idea; everything from food to art is exquisitely rich in color and texture. I prefer darker colors, so I will choose charms that acknowledge the Moroccan feel, but also express my style.

My Inspiration Board

Step One:

If you already have a theme or central beads in mind for your bracelet, run with it! I chose the Blue Sandstone charm as the center charm because I want darker tones that still sparkle. I surrounded it with two Freshwater Pearls to add color and then finished off my base design with the new  Mosaic Shell charms that evoke the Moroccan feel I want to capture. I now have a set of beads that can transition beautifully as I add more charms.


Step One Total: $140.94 (if you have already purchased a bracelet, the total is $100.95)

Step Two:

Do not stress about buying charms in the exact order you want them on the bracelet; that’s the beauty of charms, you can change up the design anytime you want! Instead, buy charms you want on your bracelet the most, because some of our popular items can sell out fast! I added Frosted Coil Murano beads next to break up the dark hues, then opted for more Mosaic Shell charms in the Hope design and Wish design since I am absolutely in love with them! I decided that I needed a bit more sparkle, so I chose the Pewter Crystal charms to finish off my second round of beads!

Step Two Total: $103.94 (Total costs thus far: $244.88)

Step Three:

Fill in the blanks! Add in beads and charms that suit your theme and style to fill up the bracelet. The design seemed to be in need of silver, so I added a few pieces for a little more shine. For my last charms, I focused on adding more color to take the bracelet from dull to Moroccan fabulous! I added two more  Freshwater Pearls ) and finished the bracelet off with Semi Precious Jade charms to complement the shades of gray and magenta.

Step Three Total: $181.90 (Total cost of bracelet: $426.78)

After some adjusting, I have all the charms arranged in a design that is both gorgeous, and a reflexion of my personality and style. Keep in mind that I used more expensive items on my bracelet, but you can easily make a gorgeous design for much cheaper. If you prefer the more pricey items, just purchase fewer items per order! Take your time and have fun with your bracelet and make sure it illustrates your style and personality. Remember, the beads don’t have to match perfectly, they just need to go together. Have fun and enjoy!

March 24, 2011

Moving Day!!

by ClearanceCharms

Moving Day is finally here for Clearance Charms!

Sure, it may be two weeks later than anticipated but good things come to those who wait!  As we gear up to drive the staggering (ha) 3.91 miles to our glittering new headquarters, one can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come.  In just one year at our current far-to0-cramped Southern offices, we’ve shipped over 50,000 orders, had millions of visitors to, doubled our staff, flexed our social networking skills (hello Oh So Charming!) and really defined our corporate culture.

We have wonderful, enthusiastic customers who have truly shaped the way we think about service and shipping.  With our darling client family in mind, your Clearance Charms staff is hand-picked for perfection.  Every one of us is dedicated to your happiness.  We won’t rest if your order isn’t out the door in 24 hours and we will gladly talk you through the bracelet-building process.  It’s simple; we adore you.  I don’t think any other company has followers/fans/customers as cute as ours.  You’re all so incredibly sweet and happy, it’s very refreshing.  And it makes us strive to impress you.

From our new office, we will continue to do just that.  It’s not just a shiney new building for me, it’s a dazzling opportunity to pursue new possibilities and perfect our methods.  We are eager to share the benefits with you, the people who make it all possible.  I hope you love 710 Johnnie Dodds as much as we do.  Slumber party, anyone?  I’ll bring the popcorn!

PS Don’t worry, our resident office dog is coming along for the journey too!

February 15, 2011

When you need a pick-me-up

by ClearanceCharms

If any of you are like me, sometimes throughout the day you need a pick me up. Just a teensy little break from what you’re doing can work wonders for productivity, mood, and energy.

 When you feel your energy levels drop, grab an apple!  A little natural sugar never hurt anyone plus the refreshing crispness instantly perks you up – trust me!

When you notice that the baby banging in her toy cupboard is giving you a bit of a headache, play your most favorite calming song.  My songs rotate, but right now relaxing for me means Kenny Chesney/Dave Matthews “I’m Alive.”  Golly, that’s a peaceful song.  Conversely, when my desk is looking a little grey-er than normal I set my music genome station to “Let’s Hear it for the Boys” by Denise Williams. Singing as off-key and high-pitched as I possibly can always has this funny sparkling effect on my mood.  I have a playlist for every mood.  Do you have any fantastic stations we should try?

When your To-Do List is all-consuming and overwhelms you, rewrite it in an amazingly fresh color.  I use Uni-bal vision in pink or aqua.  It instantly makes your list look so much more manageable and fun, seriously.

And if it’s a really topsy turvy the world is going to end day, I can’t myself lucky that I have YOU to be my pick-me-up.  Today is one of those such days when chaos seems to be the theme of the hour.  Then in comes this lovely email from Christine C;

Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job you all are doing. Can’t compare you to any other site for quality and price, and your pieces are sterling silver . Not all are created the same, believe me I have researched them all. I have told so many people about your web site, and if they are smart they will shop here . See you soon for more great pieces. Almost forgot your shipping was fast, bravo !!!


And wonderfully enough, all is right in the world again.  Thanks, Christine, for reminding me why we’re here!  Every little hiccup that I find a way to get through just means that we get to provide service to you without a glitch.  Can’t thank you enough for reminding me of that!


January 31, 2011

A New Year, A New Forum!

by ClearanceCharms

Hello My Lovelies!

Welcome to Oh So Charming, the new daily blog site for Clearance Charms!
For those of you who have already made us part of your life, thank you and welcome back!  This site is for you – our wonderful, amazing and appreciative customers.  We love your comments, calls & emails and wanted to let you know how grateful we are to be part of your lives!  We also want to share the experience of daily life here at Clearance Charms and provide insights to the products you all love and cherish.  This is your space to discuss, learn and revel in the beauty of Clearance Charms.

A charm bracelet means a lot of things.  For some, it is a reminder.  We can reminisce on exciting life milestones, remember a lost loved one or a favorite vacation.

For others, it’s a jubilant declaration of self-style.  Pink, Aqua… Silver, Gold… Sparkle, matte… it’s all a declaration of individuality.

For others still, charms are the perfect accessory to compliment any ensemble.  Dressed down for daily wear, a charm bracelet adds color to a wardrobe of suiting.  Accessorized for evening, your bracelet brings the perfect touch of glamour to any evening.

Yet every bracelet we send has something in common, they are all deeply personal.  That’s the beauty of our designs.  It’s yours, no one else’s.  With that in mind, we look forward to sharing our inside scoop and behind-the-scenes details and hope you will too!  We absolutely adore customer submissions, photos, and comments!  Tell us what you think, and don’t forget to share your designs!

On this blog you’ll find weekly features such as;

  • How To’s
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • One Lovely Thing – A Daily Product Post
  • Inspiration Boards
  • Glamorous Giveaways
  • Design of the Week
  • Customer of the Month

We can’t wait to get started and know all of you just a little bit better!!  Here’s to 2011 being full of beauty, whimsy and style!


Clearance Charms


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