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February 15, 2011

When you need a pick-me-up

by ClearanceCharms

If any of you are like me, sometimes throughout the day you need a pick me up. Just a teensy little break from what you’re doing can work wonders for productivity, mood, and energy.

 When you feel your energy levels drop, grab an apple!  A little natural sugar never hurt anyone plus the refreshing crispness instantly perks you up – trust me!

When you notice that the baby banging in her toy cupboard is giving you a bit of a headache, play your most favorite calming song.  My songs rotate, but right now relaxing for me means Kenny Chesney/Dave Matthews “I’m Alive.”  Golly, that’s a peaceful song.  Conversely, when my desk is looking a little grey-er than normal I set my music genome station to “Let’s Hear it for the Boys” by Denise Williams. Singing as off-key and high-pitched as I possibly can always has this funny sparkling effect on my mood.  I have a playlist for every mood.  Do you have any fantastic stations we should try?

When your To-Do List is all-consuming and overwhelms you, rewrite it in an amazingly fresh color.  I use Uni-bal vision in pink or aqua.  It instantly makes your list look so much more manageable and fun, seriously.

And if it’s a really topsy turvy the world is going to end day, I can’t myself lucky that I have YOU to be my pick-me-up.  Today is one of those such days when chaos seems to be the theme of the hour.  Then in comes this lovely email from Christine C;

Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job you all are doing. Can’t compare you to any other site for quality and price, and your pieces are sterling silver . Not all are created the same, believe me I have researched them all. I have told so many people about your web site, and if they are smart they will shop here . See you soon for more great pieces. Almost forgot your shipping was fast, bravo !!!


And wonderfully enough, all is right in the world again.  Thanks, Christine, for reminding me why we’re here!  Every little hiccup that I find a way to get through just means that we get to provide service to you without a glitch.  Can’t thank you enough for reminding me of that!


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